Drive Better Customer Communications 3 Tips

3 CCM Strategies to Drive Value

Most organizations manage a staggering array of customer communications. Everything from monthly correspondence, statements and notices, to social media, mobile communications, the web, and more, are now part of a customer communications mix. Volumes are growing and so is the complexity of managing all of the content. It can be difficult to keep up, especially as needs for cost containment become more pressing and competition for customer attention becomes more intense. As a result, Customer Communications Management (CCM) has risen to the top of strategic agendas for organizations in all industries and market sectors. Here are three important CCM strategies to consider:

# 1 – Take Control through Centralization366 Degrees CCM 3 Tips Build Value

One reason organizations struggle with CCM is the fact that most do not manage their customer communications centrally; aspects surrounding design, content, production and strategy are often isolated in pockets of technology, people and process. This can result in redundant systems, disconnected stakeholders, and a process that makes it virtually impossible to effectively control and optimize branding, messaging, and campaign strategy. When you centralize customer communications management through one strategic platform you increase control, cost savings and effectiveness.

# 2 – One Single Platform

While many tools and solutions exist that address the technological aspects behind CCM, what is needed most is a holistic platform that brings all the moving parts together. Indeed, one of the fundamental values of adopting a Customer Communications Management strategy is that it provides a vehicle for centralized strategic planning and implementation, as well as technical control over the communications themselves. Significant operational savings can be achieved by investing in CCM, but extended value lies in the ability to design and implement customer communications strategies that optimize both revenue growth and customer experience overall.

# 3 – Focus on Customer Value

Ultimately, the goal of CCM should be to improve the lifetime value of each customer, but how do you do it? One way is with 366° Degrees℠ from OMI. We provide a single platform to manage all of your customer communications no matter what form they take.  You can easily reach across communication channels in social media, mobile and online formats and then quickly analyze the effectiveness of those connections. More than that, you’ll have all the tools you need to do things like message personalization, target segmentation and in-depth campaign analytics.  Find out more today.