Buyers Guide to Cloud Customer Communication Management Service

366 Degrees Customer Communication Management 10 Point Check List

“The Holy Grail of customer engagement and  experience resides in the ability to have one  view of the customer and their relationship  with the organization.”

Organizations are investing in advanced technology  to automate and improve engagement, brand and  marketing initiatives. These investments often fall  short; not because of a lack of functionality, but  due to little focus on the overall customer communication lifecycle.

Areas of Impact:

1.  Customer- Facing Communications

2.  Customer Profile Management

3.  Multi-Channel Delivery

4.  Integrated Campaign Management

5.  Marketing & Operations Message Orchestration

6.  One View Interaction & Enagement Analytics

7.  Marketing Automation & Lead Generation

8.  Customer Lifecycle & Experience Management

9.  OMNI Commerce & Payment Initiatives

10. Voice of Customer Feedback & Survey Execution

A Cloud centric approach to orchestrating  operational and marketing oriented communications  is required to drive key areas in the customer  communication lifecycle; consumption, adoption,  retention, revenue and engagement. These measurements determine business success in the new cloud era.

The Buyer’s Guide assists organizations in understanding the benefits of a cloud-centric approach to involve branding, engagement and customer experience management into every aspect  of your communication strategy.