Global RADAR is a world-renowned leader in the field of SaaS solutions for compliance and risk management. The software provided by the company is aimed to automate document management and risk assessment in addition to fulfilling compliance requirements. With solutions from Global RADAR, financial services organizations are empowered to perform due diligence on new clients in a far more cost-effective and accelerated manner.


  Sales Outreach


Financial Services


  • Improved visibility across company
  • Increased webinar attendance
  • Higher sales outreach emails deliverability


Our client’s main challenge was to establish a clear and consistent process for lead and prospect analysis integrated with all brand marketing operations and sales outreach strategy. Prior to utilizing our solutions, Global RADAR used a variety of email tools, landing pages and other web-based solutions. The dispersity and lack of a centralized system made it extremely challenging to identify and categorize nurture and cross-sell opportunities across a number of different sales channels.


In order to provide advanced visibility into Social Properties with great investment potential, Global Radar implemented 366 Degrees, an application by OMI. The solution provides a near-absolute visibility into CRM lead and prospects data and can be seamlessly integrated with ongoing sales outreach email campaigns. In addition, 366 Degrees provides extensive marketing and sales automation capabilities as well as segmentation and audience selection from CRM leads and contacts lists.

Aims and Objectives

Improve visibility in the current Customer Referral program and integrate all marketing communication across multiple touch points including sales outreach email, social, landing pages and events.

Audience Management & Segmentation

Email & Social Marketing Management

Real-Time Interactions & Engagements

Lead & Prospects Data Analysis

increase in Webinar Attendance

identification and matching across lead profiles associated with webinar, email and content downloads

improvement in email deliverability


With 366 Degrees, Global RADAR is now able to create, execute and analyze all referral activity, ensuring that potential opportunities were not missed. With the help of outreach sales engagement platform, the company has also maximized its current customer and consulting partners network, giving it the ability to complement and drive concerted referral marketing campaigns.


“As a leader in the SaaS compliance space having a global customer base, our brands and marketing communications are expected to show thought leadership. The 366 Degrees platform has proven to exceed our highest expectations!”

Dominic Suszek, CEO Global Radar
Global Radar
Dominic Suszek, CEO

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