As a first-class Nimble consulting partner, OMI provides its customers with unparalleled expertise in the areas of user experience, integration, sales, marketing and analytics. With over 20 years of experience in the SaaS industry, we offer a comprehensive range of Nimble Social CRM consulting services, from technology consultation to full-scale implementation and third-party integration and administration.


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The OMI team evaluated our needs and provided a spot on fit both with Nimble CRM and 366 Degrees which work perfectly together. Our Return on Investment was less than 30 days.
OMI orchestrated a very flexible solution that allows us to scale our growth efforts confidently.

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Here at OMI, we have 20+ years of knowledge in the SaaS space, which allows us to deliver you solutions that meet your unique business requirements based off experience, not guesswork. As a trusted Nimble CRM ambassador & consulting partner, we follow only best practices and understand how to leverage the power of the best social CRM software to improve productivity, save time and win more deals.

nimble business solutions From Ground Up

The true success of Customer Relationship Management software lies beyond technology. Our team at OMI will perform a full audit of your existing sales processes and translate your business needs into a deliverable solution. We believe that with a full understanding of our client’s business process can we deliver a superior experience and empower your team with Nimble business solutions.

  • Full-scale system environment audit.
  • Requirement engineering.
  • Nimble CRM customization.
  • Integration with existing IT assets.
  • Social CRM deployment.
  • Sales tools integration, such as Nimble prospector
  • Ongoing support.


Finding the right technology stack that will fit your business’ requirements isn’t an easy task. Here at OMI, we have the expertise and technology prowess to deliver Nimble CRM business solutions that will work off your existing business process. We deploy smart Nimble integrations with the customer engagement platforms of your choice such as Linkedin, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook and more.

Nimble CRM strategy consulting

Our services are aimed at driving value for our clients through innovation. Your business goals are always at the center of our consulting services. We will produce a strategy for cloud implementation and devise a selection of best Nimble extensions for your business.

Nimble CRM integration services

Here at OMI we make all your software, data, and processes work together through state-of-the-art integration. We are fully proficient in Nimble CRM API and OMI will ensure that Nimble Social CRM app works In full harmony with your existing IT assets.

Nimble application development services

No out-of-box solution available that suits your business needs? Be it a one-of-a-kind customer engagement app or corporate productivity software, OMI can provide services for building fully-custom Nimble applications from scratch.

Nimble CRM Maintenance & Support/

At OMI we believe in building ongoing business partnerships with our clients. That is why we offer additional maintenance and support services to ensure that your Nimble CRM business solution will deliver, day in and day out.

Nimble CRM Customization & Enhancements Services/

Platform Customization

With our experience in SaaS solutions and customer engagement platforms, OMI provides development and integration of your system into custom-made solutions that are both scalable and secure.

Legacy App Upgrade

We assist businesses in maximizing the value of their previous technology investments by re-designing and enhancing outdated systems. From migration to the cloud to full digital architecture revision.

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