OMI has implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Airslate, SMS-Magic, and a custom portal to help an alternative medicine center replace a less efficient CRM and automate a significant amount of manual processes.


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Operating out of Denver, CO, Downtown’s Healthcare is an integrated medical office that delivers cutting-edge treatments in the field of regenerative medicine and chiropractic care. Downtown’s Healthcare team offers their patients stem cell therapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments as their two main types of regenerative therapy – both are known to be non-invasive alternatives to surgery. At the same time, their chiro practitioner treats patients with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions that affect the muscles, ligaments, and joints.


The client was experiencing issues with using their CRMs as they had to use multiple at the same time, with each of the CRMs not offering all of the needed functionality individually. This was causing a disruption in a number of internal processes, in particular, email marketing, reporting, and client communication.


Because of that, the client made a decision to migrate to Salesforce as a one-stop shop for meeting their needs and the main challenge was to make this migration process as smooth and seamless for the business as possible. The client was also finding it difficult at first to navigate the Salesforce user interface and get a good all-around understanding of everything that Salesforce can offer.

How OMI helped

The client had previously been in contact with a number of Salesforce partners to get assistance from them, and they eventually chose OMI, as OMI’s pricing proved to be the most reasonable. The first course of action by OMI was to dive into the client’s workflow to identify the most convenient method of Salesforce implementation. After that, OMI began to steadily introduce solutions to various pain points one by one, be it widgets, plugins, or third-party software.


For example, AirSlate was introduced to help the client deal with large amounts of medical paperwork electronically, SMS-Magic made a difference in client communication (e.g. sending out appointment notifications), whilst Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud made the process of turning leads into patients much more seamless.


At the same time, the OMI team was also helping the client to get a solid grasp of Salesforce, as the client found its user interface rather complex and not very intuitive. Since the client is not an IT company, but a medical office, it was important to get them acquainted with the products in the most accessible and digestible way, which OMI managed to do.


After a year of hard work, the OMI team has successfully integrated Salesforce Sales and Marketing Cloud, Airslate document automation, SMS-Magic notifications, and several other helpful components into the client’s business – the client is reporting much better visibility of their processes as well as improved marketing and reporting workflows. Such vital practices for a medical office as being HIPAA compliant and ensuring patient data protection are also seen to have improved.


The client was also happy with OMI’s approach to managing their Salesforce implementation budget – OMI’s practices of finding the most cost-effective solutions saved the client a lot of funds. The OMI team’s involvement is still ongoing as the client has identified some new areas for improvement as their next steps.


For example, right now OMI is working on a solution to connect Salesforce to the EHR (electronic health record) system that the client is currently using to reduce the number of manual tasks even more. Additionally, OMI is customizing Salesforce to get better tracking and visibility into potential service upsell and cross-sell opportunities across their leads and patients.


“OMI has done a really good job of listening to our workflow and business processes, coming up with solutions using tools that we have. They leveraged out-of-the-box functionality and minimized the customizations that we had to make while still meeting the needs of our business workflow. We were sold (by Salesforce) something that we didn’t understand and OMI helped us bridge that (knowledge) gap.”

Rachel Anders
Executive Director

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