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As a first-class Dynamics consulting partner, OMI provides its customers with unparalleled expertise in the areas of user experience, integration, sales, marketing and analytics. With over 20 years of experience in the SaaS industry, we offer a comprehensive range of MS Dynamics CRM consulting services, from technology consultation to full-scale implementation and third-party administration.

“OMI provided a unique approach to our CRM initiative, they guided us through a Discovery Process that was less product and feature-focused and more business process-oriented which helped us really define where we needed to go with Microsoft’s technology. Our engagement with OMI defined key objectives upfront that ultimately made the change management and user experience flawless”

microsoft dynamics crm services/

For years, Outsource Management Inc. (OMI) has been assisting businesses large and small in implementing the most robust and cost-efficient Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions. At every point in the development lifecycle, we focus on your business requirements first, and strive to make technology solve your corporate challenges.  Our team will leverage the full power of Microsoft CRM technology and help you fine-tune the platform in order to improve productivity, save time and facilitate profits.

we are microsoft dynamics crm implementation partners

OMI will translate your business requirements into fully functional specifications and assist you in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As one of the top Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners, we follow best industry practices along the entire platform deployment process and will ensure that your company will end up with an ERP system that can solve your business challenges.

Key Microsoft Dynamics Products We Cover/

As a trusted Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation partner, the team at OMI is fully proficient with an array of MS products. Our experts will select and customize the right set of tools to cover your key business needs.

Dynamics 365 Business Central

Manage all business processes within a single fully-featured platform.

Dynamics 365 CRM/Sales

Engage more customers and boost sales rates with the latest technologies.

Dynamics 365 Power BI

Get valuable insights and robust analytics of your sales performance and service management.

Dynamics 365 Manufacturing

Optimize and manage every single operation of the manufacturing industry within a single system.

Dynamics 365 Field Services

Deliver a great variety of services that your clients need in the right place at the right time.

Office 365

Increase your staff’s productivity and ensure efficient collaboration between the employees.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions/

OMI provides a full range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services for businesses of all scales, from small business to enterprise-level companies. We bring value by developing a technological foundation for SaaS platforms that work for your business needs first! Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions accelerate business growth and maximize your returns on CRM investments.

Microsoft Dynamics integration

No matter how powerful the software is, the efficiency of your business depends on synchronization between the CRM and other enterprise tools. OMI will help you integrate your existing business platforms with Microsoft Dynamics, enabling cross-platform access to customer-related profiles, ensuring visibility across the digital enterprise.

Migrating to Microsoft Dynamics

If you are planning on switching from a legacy platform, OMI offers migration to MS Dynamics CRM services. As part of the process, our business analysts and software engineers will consult with you on creating an appropriate road-map in order to minimize any disruption to the workflow.

Support, maintenance & training

At OMI we provide our customers with training and software adoption, ensuring that users at your company will be fully versed with the new platform. Other Microsoft Dynamics Services include the transition from the on-premises environment to the cloud, which will be focused on enhanced security and near-limitless scalability. We also provide you with ongoing maintenance and support.

Hire the OMI Team as Your Trusted MS Dynamics Partner/

With over 20 years of experience and more than 250 projects behind, OMI knows exactly to introduce MS Dynamics CRM to your business environment. From the platform’s customization to full-scale implementation and integration services, OMI will have you covered.

Microsoft Dynamics Customization & Configuration/

Platform Customization

While Out-of-Box Dynamics software is powerful on its own, it cannot satisfy your unique business needs. That’s where our Dynamics customization services come into play. OMI will tailor the platform to your requirements and align its capabilities with your existing processes. This will create a one-of-a-kind digital environment that is perfectly suited for your company.

System Upgrades Management

Keeping up with upgrades and integrating the latest functionalities, such as advanced analytics or social media customer engagements can lead to system downtime and additional data transition tasks. OMI offers you expert upgrade management services, ensuring data continuity across all enterprise applications and minimal system downtime.

Take Advantage of Microsoft Dynamics CRM With OMI Services/

OMI experts will help you to leverage Microsoft Dynamics tools to the maximum. No matter how good these solutions are on their own, only proper customization and integration can bring your company’s performance to a new level.

Improve staff’s productivity

Increase the efficiency of MS Dynamics tools

Digitally transform your business model

Minimize investment in in-house hiring

Benefit from investing in MS Dynamics

Ensure visibility across the enterprise

Why Choose OMI as Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services Strategic Partner/

Here at OMI, we pride ourselves on employing a true customer-centric approach to every Dynamics 365 service. Our client engagement always starts with getting to know your business model and your unique requirements. In the end, we strive to deliver the solution that will work for you and will help you in all major business endeavors.





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