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Improve your company’s ability to compete in the new cloud economy and ensure business scalability with the latest digital transformation solutions by OMI.

OMI Digital Transformation Solutions/

OMI experts enable enterprises of any size to increase their productivity and profitability, cut costs, and benefit from digital innovation. Our digital transformation offerings include designing fully-featured solutions based on the latest API technologies to connect business applications in a single system for efficient collaboration and data exchange between employees, customers, and partners.

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Flowgear Digital Transformation by OMI

Flowgear is an API-focused platform that connects over 200 business applications and tools. Together with Flowgear, OMI experts offer comprehensive cost-effective digital transformation solutions that are easy to maintain and work with. 

OMI enables digital orchestration via pre-built connectors and workflow templates or develops new integrations tailored to your business goals and needs. We connect cloud-based and on-premise systems to offer agility and flexibility. 


We advise companies on digital transformation strategies to help them improve current application connectivity  for better performance.


OMI experts evaluate your current business critical applications to design a comprehensive solution tailored to your business needs.


We build fully-fledged integrated API services from concept to delivery and provide companies with maximum benefit from digital transformation.


Our specialists ensure hassle-free and simple API services focused on  simple maintenance at a low cost.


OMI evaluates and tests the impact of application performance across platforms to meet exact business requirements.


20+ Years of Digital Expertise

Devoted SaaS Architects

250 + Engagements

Certified FlowGear Expert

OMI - Digital Transformation Experts

As one of the leading companies in the digital transformation industry, OMI offers sustainable digital transformation solutions that ensure fast and simple integration to reduce application management costs. Your new API service is based in the cloud and can be effectively used even by non-technical specialists in your company.

Cost-effective solutions

Easy-to-access integrations

Enhanced productivity

Increased profitability

Effective and time-saving collaborations

Continuous scalability

Automated business processes and operations

Reduced risks

Case Studies

Industry: Manufacturing & Distribution

Key API Integrations: Pastel Accounting, (CPQ) Configure Price Quote System, Invoicing (Custom Program)


    • fewer staff required for data entry
    • reduction of data errors
    • real time visibility to financials across the company
Digital tranformation in Manufacturing & Distribution

Industry: Cloud Service Provider (CSP)

Key API Integrations: PSA Software, ConnectWise, Sage Evolution


    • seamless orchestration across cloud services
    • better finance management
    • better insight to billing
    • ability to offer superior migration and co-existence solutions to end customers

Industry: Manufacturing & Retail

Key API Integrations: SYSPRO ERP


    • seamless integration across two separate business systems
    • reduction in headcount to manually manage data entry tasks
    • full visibility across warehouse and store stock
    • enhanced inventory management
Digital transformation in Manufacturing & Retail

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