GOOD360 CASE: Salesforce Customization

Good360 partners up with OMI to leverage sales, services and community cloud to serve 87,000 nonprofits.

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Business challenge

Salesforce Management

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About Good360

Good360 helps nonprofit organizations resolve the business challenge of responsibly distributing excess goods for maximum impact and in doing so, we help our nonprofit partners deliver on their own important missions.


Individuals facing challenging life circumstances get the goods they need, generating hope, and products are given a new life, reducing waste and helping build resilient communities for the future.


Key pain points were:

  • lack of transparency in communication;
  • need for smarter Salesforce management;
  • poor resource management.

Good360 utilizes the Salesforce Platform across the organization to improve communications with corporate donors. Nonprofits and other key constituents associated across logistics, supply chains and donated goods. Supporting this vast ecosystem requires Good360 to execute key integrations to the commerce platform running on Magen to and financials managed in NetSuite. Good360 required a seamless partner experience across all parties involved in the donation and delivery process via their 87,000 nonprofits and communities served.

How OMI helped

Good360 aimed to deliver transparency for Corporate Donors and Non-Profit On-Boarding, offer OMNI channel support across the donor and 87,000+ nonprofit network. The company also wanted to create a world-class Community Cloud where shared knowledge and community contributions meet to match donors and nonprofits to act quickly to serve those in need. Good360 also wanted to introduce flexibility to meet demands where special needs a rise in the communities its non-profit partners serve.


In order to achieve the set business objectives, OMI provides Good360 ongoing Salesforce resources for business process improvements, as well as services on integrating and customizing Salesforce Stack that includes Sales, Service and Community Cloud focus.


This case also features NetSuite and Salesforce integration, which was implemented with plans to interface it with Magento 2.


The implementation of Sales Cloud allowed managing Corporate Donors and Nonprofit partners and is expected to help the company shift to a single point of contact account management for all members from the current multiple internal contacts model (one per business channel). Community Cloud helped to expand the company’s impact beyond product donation by offering a space to collaborate on the missions, ideas, and support each other inside the client’s network of nonprofits. Thanks to the Service Cloud, Good360 can deliver Omni Channel support, formalize and centrally capture its support activity. Goals are to better manage the company’s resources through analytics (activity peaks, preferred channels to contact us, request types).

“OMI has deep Salesforce expertise. More importantly though, their team has spent the time understanding our business to enhance our Salesforce platform where it delivers the most benefits. They have been particularly instrumental in the accelerated launch of our COVID-19 response Salesforce Community. I look forward to our continued partnership and mutual success.”

Stephane Moulec
VP of IT

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