Mailbox Power Case: Enabling Marketing and Sales Personalization for Salesforce

With OMI’s expertise in Salesforce API integration, Mailbox Power was able to release its customer engagement application to the Salesforce Marketplace and deliver personalization API platform.

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About Mailbox Power

A Utah based company, Mailbox Power develops API based personalization software that helps sales reps, marketers and businesses deliver one-to-one communications for gifts, promotions, and correspondence. The Mailbox Power leadership team recognized the universal shift from the old school mass communications approach and has delivered an effective method of personalized engagement, based on the simple psychology of gratitude. The company builds similar affinity with its partners by engaging and valuing their expertise to rapidly build out the new and creative use of the API across the sales and marketing ecosystem.


The client offers an API based personalization platform for businesses to execute personal gifting and one-to-one direct mail across a multitude of use cases including; employee onboarding, marketing campaigning, sales outreach, customer loyalty and incentive programs. 


Mailbox Power required a partner with Salesforce Partner that has platform experience across Sales, Marketing, and Service Cloud in order to architect, develop, integrate and maintain the Mailbox Power deliverable for Salesforce. The client expressed the desire to have more than a technical relationship with the Partner to help impact user experience, as one of the key results Mailbox Power wanted a partner to take on the responsibility for the future application enhancements within the Salesforce Platform. 


The entire project required a great deal of focus on the UX, simplicity, mobile experience, reporting and complete non-disruptiveness to the original Salesforce interface.

How OMI helped

Driving the adoption of the gifting process was centered on making simple buttons and actions similar to the way a sales executive would send an email or create a campaign with standard Salesforce functionality.


For simplicity, the entire “gift creating” mechanism was developed as a pick template process in less than 3 steps. The end user can see a card, gift and other items included in order on a single screen along with pricing and mailing information. Upon submitting, the orders are posted on the Salesforce record in standard history as well as on the Mailbox Power object for greater detail of order.


OMI has also provided Mobile Salesforce users with the same experience from their phone while out in the field to quickly be able to drop cards and gifts directly from the Salesforce1 app.


As a final step, Omi has developed reporting objects both on lead and contact levels. all Mailbox Power fields are built as standard reporting objects that can be customized or used in accounting, reconciliation, lead conversion or marketing attribution reporting.


Utilizing OMI’s Salesforce Consulting team, the client was able to offer Mailbox Power to the Salesforce Marketplace six months ahead of their internal release schedule.


The Client achieved a 30 day ROI based on adding 10 clients within the first 30 days of launch to the companies utilizing Salesforce. 


Based on OMI’s agile product scale methodology, additional new market opportunities were created, leveraging OMI’s partnership program to leverage Mailbox Power uber personalization API across other leading CRM, Marketing Automation and Account Based Marketing platforms.

“OMI delivered more than expected in less than three weeks and we had customers using Mailbox Power for Salesforce CRM within two weeks of the integration.Their professionalism in designing the right experience was spot on and the customers love the integration.
The Mailbox Power OMI partnership approach has paid dividends with embracing the value and impact to the Salesforce CRM space, they quickly adopted the Mailbox Power API framework.”

Justin Biggs

Justin Biggs

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