OMI has helped a continent-wide industrial packaging business to improve their data-related practices to make their sales and resource planning processes more smooth and consistent.


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With its HQ in Louisville, KY and over a 1,000 team members, Premier Packaging covers all the steps of providing a high-quality package for any product. Their chain of 85 locations across the USA, Canada and Mexico provides Premier Packaging with a platform to design, manufacture and distribute their products all over the continent. Their range of products includes, but not limited to, sustainable packaging, protective packaging, corrugated boxes, bin boxes and poly mailers. Premier Packaging also distributes such vital packaging equipment as stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, void fill systems, case erectors, case sealers and automated bagging solutions just to name a few.


The client had previously not used a CRM in its traditional sense – most of CRM functionality was covered by a Microsoft Outlook addin the client chose as a go-to solution. However, the addin’s limitations didn’t allow the client to properly expand into other markets, nor was the addin finely suited to the client’s rather specific sales cycle. On top of that, the client reported that the implementation of the addin itself was falling short. Another challenge was that, as the client’s product range grew, the client’s ERP system received more and more workload – at some point, more that it could handle without the support of a powerful integrated CRM system. So, overtime, it became clear to them that they needed to find a new, holistic CRM solution. And after settling on Salesforce, the client required assistance in its implementation, and this is where OMI stepped in.

How OMI helped

The client had a choice between multiple Salesforce implementation partners to get the work done. In the end, they went with OMI, as they felt OMI was the best fit business-culture wise. The first course of action by OMI was to get rid of the most burning problems the client was facing in their sales and resource planning processes – for that, OMI helped implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and integrated Flowgear (an integration platform) to easily exchange disparate data across all key business systems as well. The implementation process exposed a number of unanticipated problems, mostly related to the client’s ERP and the way it validated data. That’s why the next thing OMI did was fix numerous data errors, prioritising it over integrating more solutions. Suiting the data to Salesforce proved to be rather challenging – the team would pull in thousands of lines of important records and clean them, which sometimes took weeks to do. After that, OMI initiated discovery sessions for the integration of other solutions – such solutions as Airslate (a document workflow solution), Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce CPQ have been either partly implemented or are about to be implemented.


Nine months into the implementation, one key result so far has been much improved data visualisation – the client is reporting massive progress in corporate data hygiene and breakthrough in reporting capabilities. The integration has also enabled different sales divisions in the company to be much more consistent in their processes and to work with much more aligned, well-defined data. The OMI team’s involvement is still ongoing – right now OMI is working on integrating Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and AirSlate. All above solutions are expected to improve the client’s sales workflow even more.

“We can now separate the visualization of data. We’re bringing in more data every day, and we’ve realized that all of this data is now exposed in Salesforce and we can build our own reports around it, we can create our own dashboards and so on. That’s been probably the major, almost instant benefit we’ve seen out of Salesforce and it all comes through what OMI was able to help us accomplish and through those effective integrations using Flowgear. OMI is now an extension of our team, I rely on them all day, every day.”

Randi Yancey
Randi Yancey
Manager of Sales Technology

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