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Here at OMI, we pride ourselves on being the best, when it comes to cross-platform ABM program implementation. We build solutions with your business needs at the very core of it. With over 20 years of experience in the SaaS industry, we provide our clients with a full array of account based marketing services for businesses of any scale, from SMB-type company to enterprise giants. From consulting and strategy planning to full deployment of ABM software and ongoing support.


Successful Consulting Engagements

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Today, ABM development became a go-to strategy for leading B2B companies, and it quickly dominates the market. OMI offers strategic consulting and full assessment of your existing marketing and sales technology assets. We focus on delivering truly one-of-a-kind engagement solution, completely unique to your company and that answers your unique business challenges.

Direct Mail & Gifts Personalization With Rocket Notes

Rocket Notes is a truly unique and innovative application that lets you create gifting campaigns for employee onboarding, marketing campaigning, sales outreach, customer loyalty and incentive programs. With only a few clicks, your sales rep can send out a personal gift card, named mug or one of 1,000s other gifts available in the application. OMI offers Rocket Notes app for your Salesforce CRM platform, as well as integration solutions for your existing marketing and sales technologies.


Boost demand generation, engagement, and sales conversations.


Our Account Based Marketing & Sales Expertise/

Increase lead conversion rate, engage your visitors with the right content, find key accounts quickly and enhance your marketing campaigns by integrating ABM solution.

Account-Based Digital Targeting

With ABM strategy, you can turn insights into action in a matter of minutes. Create and run effective cross-channel campaigns seamlessly. Access and reach out to promising prospects and enhance your customer engagement by turning single-channel tactics into powerful multi-channel experience that your clients can appreciate.

Implement Email Personalization in Real-Time

We will help you turn your email, social and direct mail campaigns into an ABM revenue generating machine. With ABM data and automation software, you will be able to filter through thousands upon thousands account, quickly identifying most promising prospects and executing stellar account-based selling nurture campaigns. Arm your sales reps and marketing agents with a secret weapon and enable more intelligent, successful conversations across any channel of delivery.

Engage the Right People Before They Found You

B2B is tough sector, where your customers assess the value of your product before they ever reach out to you. With an efficient ABM program you can launch digital campaign to let your clients know about you long before they ever visit your site. OMI delivers ABM solutions, specifically made to boost your brand image with unmatched precision.

Drive Machine Learning for Better ABM Engagement

Using machine learning and predictive analytics in tandem with your ABM software will allow you to automatically suggest high-value content for every single key visitor. Accelerate the path to conversion by giving your customers what they want, before they even know it.

OMI Account Based Marketing is not Monkey Business Play to Win

Ready to utilize real-time personalization and take your customer engagement to the next level?

How Can Your Business Benefit From Account Based Marketing & Selling/

We believe that any technological solution worthwhile should enhance your existing unique business workflow, not change it. That is why OMI’s client engagement always starts with getting to know your business model and your requirements. We always aim towards delivering a solution you define and execute on your account-based strategy with ease and not settling for a mediocre pipeline

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