Streamline your marketing and sales, attract and convert new leads, drive more opportunities. All through powerful automation tools.

Generate High-Quality Leads

The marketing automation system can easily become the very core item of your demand generation and lead processing infrastructure. We will help you to set up highly functional and user-friendly system with continuous testing, lead scoring and data analysis, allowing you to fill the funnel with high-quality leads. Create beautiful landing pages, improve social media relationships and run precisely-targeted email campaigns.

Analytics Tools

Data capture and analysis are incredibly efficient features of marketing automation tools like 366 Degrees. Through actionable data, your business will have insights to customers’ motivations and behavior patterns. With a solution from OMI your business will be empowered to personalize customers experience, assess your previous marketing programs, and measure results along the entire campaign lifecycle.







Expand your reach beyond a single channel with Salesforce Automation.

Omnichannel customer experience

Video Marketing/

Vidyard – Powerful Video Marketing Platform for SMB Companies

OMI’s flagship marketing automation platform 366 Degrees allow seamless Vidyard-Salesforce integration. Through this combination you can generate beautiful video content and embed it into sales channels in a matter of seconds, whether it is for social media, landing page or email. Integration between 366 Degrees and Vidyard gives your SMB organization enterprise-level functionality.


Gain Customer Loyalty with Video Marketing for Business Solutions

Quality video content is the future of online marketing. This is the most engaging type of content in the market that is widely used across public and B2B sectors to boost customer experience and ultimately advance sales campaigns. By simply dropping a video into an email you are already improving response rate.

Video Content Marketing

366 Degrees Integrations/

366 Degrees was built with a goal to provide small and mid-sized businesses with marketing automation capabilities embedded in a customer relationship management platform. Our application can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Nimble CRMs, granting you a complete view and easy accessibility of your marketing campaigns. By gaining the benefits of real-time connectivity and data exchange across your departments you can enable consistent and efficient decision-making process.

Salesforce isv partner
366 degress

The perfect time to seize opportunity for success is right now.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Sales Alignment

OMI’s automation solution such as Salesforce email integration will help you bridge the gap between marketing and sales activities. With real-time and actionable intelligence, your sales reps can gain in-depth knowledge on potential clients and shorten sales cycles.

Accelerate Business Growth

With OMI at your side, you will have most suitable scalable platform and tools for your business. We will help you devise a marketing strategy and improve sales activities, boosting time to market and allowing further growth.

Save Time & Cut Down Costs

Your primary goal is to process leads and deliver personalized experience to your customers. By automating routine tasks you can streamline social media and email campaigns, which allows you to put resources where they are needed most.