DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION through customer engagement platform

OMI presents Statement2web. Our own Digital Transformation Platform. Accelerate service manages enrollment and online execution of digital communications associated with transactional communications such as Statements, Notices, Letters, Loan Services, Contracts and Bills.

All-round Digital Customer Engagement Platform/

Our SaaS solution digital customer engagement platform in conjunction with leading PSP’s (Print Service Providers) delivers a turnkey offering to manage electronic enrollment, single sign-on, and marketing capabilities to target online and offline messaging delivered through the platform

Expertise in Action

Statement2web has been on the market for over 20 years and took its place as one of the best customer engagement platforms. And since then, has helped many businesses to transform print related communications into efficient digital delivery via online channels to lower cost of delivery and boost customer experience.

Unified Infrastructure

Seamless access to critical communications and user-friendly interface are keys to the success of Statement2web. As a digital transformation services company we support customer communication lifecycle through Email, Online, Social, Mobile and Print Communications.

Our Digital Transformation Solutions & Services/

Single Point for Customer Correspondence

Unified access to business data is paramount in today’s market. Our application allows you to manage all critical communications across multiple platforms, collecting valuable information from a magnitude of digital sources like CRM, financial databases, sales, marketing, ERP data and others.

Communication Preference Management

Having multiple options is great! In the modern business environment, no organization nor individual should be bound by a single mode of communication. Provide customers with access to multiple means of communication such as personalized portals, email or simply their smartphone.

Data Migration & Integration

To achieve an efficient data flow, your business needs to establish a unified and synchronized communication platform. Software consultants at OMI have expertise with cost-efficient and high-performance ETL, Single Sign-On, and data mapping technologies along with being fully proficient in data aggregation from a variety of sources. We can deliver a truly state-of-the-art digital solution for your business.

Content Management and Personalization

Manage Content across a vast array of communication channels including Portal, Notices, Email, Social, Documents, and Video from the Platform. Personalize each communication with variables from third party data sources to make each communication relevant to your clients. Track interactions and engagement to determine next best messaging to your audience.

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Provide Better Customer Engagement Across Online, Print and Mobile Channels/

At OMI we drive success through a two-decades-long expertise and industry’s best practices. We provide full-cycle customer communication and management services, as well as expert consulting, support and maintenance of Enterprise Systems, Billing Systems, Banking Platforms and Third Party Customer Data points to fit specific business use cases.

User Interface and Portal Design

The best customer engagement platform always drives success of the clients. This is why we make sure that our self-serve portal technologies exceed customer expectations in every aspect. Our specialists can take care of any setup and configuration challenges, including UI design, template, document creation, and the implementation of security and third party access points.

OMI Customer Communication Success

Third Party Integrations

With 20+ years of experience integrating to CRM’s, Banking Platforms, Marketing Automation, Video and Print Service Provider Platforms, OMI brings seamless integration and real-world expertise by leveraging partnerships to achieve true OMNI-channel delivery. We provide integration services with Salesforce customer engagement platform as well as other CRMs.

OMI Third Party Integration


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Transform the Digital Experience/

Customer Experience

Optimize the customer experience with a unified approach to self-service and targeted communications that build brand loyalty.

Digital Transformation

Our solutions let your company build an effective and sustainable digital transformation platform to meet customers Now!

Content Personalization

Reach a new level of customer experience through fully custom transactional, operational and marketing messaging across the customer journey.


Specialists at OMI will deliver an exceptional client experience through customer engagement platform. We provide consulting, expertise and proven success across the customer life cycle.


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