As one of the leading Salesforce managed services providers, OMI employs practices that fuse together user experience, technology, sales and marketing disciplines with high-quality customization solutions. We assist our clients with a full spectrum of Salesforce cloud services, from onboarding, administration services to 3rd party integrations and vertical application development.


OMI specialists will guide you through the entire CRM platform development life cycle. Being one of the top-ranked Salesforce services companies with over 20 years of industry experience, we know how to make this CRM platform save time and facilitate profits. Your profits.

OMI has always been one of the most innovative companies, when it comes to building solutions that drive value for its clients. Our consulting services are aimed at helping your business to embrace the world’s best CRM platform. We are here to share our expertise with you at every stage of your journey.

Salesforce is great, there is no doubt about it. But for an organization without prior experience with it, implementing the CRM platform can be a time-consuming, tedious and costly process. From evaluating your existing IT infrastructure to data migration and integration, OMI can assist your business in full Salesforce CRM implementation.

At OMI we build top-of-the-line web and mobile applications, enterprise portals and custom extensions to the Salesforce CRM platform that are specifically tailored to your business. If you are looking forward to extending the capabilities of your CRM and taking it to a whole new level. You can be sure that we are your go-to Salesforce partner.

With the automation delivered by OMI, you’ll be able to close deals on the fly and increase productivity across every department at your company. From data flow management to advanced workflow automation, we provide a range of services capable of transforming your entire business operation.

Our integration solutions ensure great scalability and flexibility of your system, allowing seamless future growth as well as significant efficiency boost to your in-house processes. OMI is fully committed to optimizing our clients’ investments through  first-class customization and integration.

Having almost two decades of experience behind our backs, we can assure the first-class level of quality of Salesforce administration services at OMI. We cover everything from Salesforce CRM customer service & support setup to database management to user training and technical support.

Take Advantage of Salesforce Services With OMI/

With over 20 years of CRM experience, OMI specialists know how to set up and customize the Salesforce platform properly to make it work for the benefit of your company. Discover key advantages delivered by OMI solutions to introduce innovation to your current IT infrastructure.

Increase staff’s productivity and efficiency

Decrease costs and time spent on CRM implementation

Enable digital transformation across existing IT infrastructure

Minimize investment in in-house hiring

Gain a competitive advantage in the market

Deliver ROI-based results


Discover what true success services look like.

WHY Salesforce Cloud Computing Services by OMI?/

We Deliver Salesforce Customization Services that do Matter/

Whether it is Salesforce customer support services or custom extension development, we have proven time and time again that OMI is a master-company when your business needs to drive value. We don’t just deliver professional Salesforce managed services. We deliver Success!


We are true veterans of the CRM market. With over 2 decades of professional experience, our company has accumulated unparalleled expertise and in-depth domain knowledge. We implement this expertise in all of our Salesforce cloud computing services and transfer the value directly to your business.


With OMI’s experience, there is virtually no task too large or too complex for our team. We take on most challenging projects and deliver actionable results that drive our clients’ business forward in every way. Today you’ve found a Salesforce services company that can become your true strategic partner.


Here at OMI we build partnerships based on mutual trust. We take our clients through each phase of proposed Salesforce managed services, stage by stage, providing complete transparency. We believe that only through partnership can we achieve stellar results and success.



Let us talk about what Salesforce Managed Services can we offer your business and discover pricing.

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