Equipped with extensive experience in data engineering, OMI provides top-of-the-line data analysis consulting services to help our partners capture promising business opportunities and make the most of them.

Full-Cycle Data Analysis Services at OMI/

We offer an array of analytics services from technology consulting to implementation of advanced predictive analytics solutions and support services. As a data analysis service company, OMI empowers businesses to extract hidden value from vast fields of information and put it into practice.

We run a thorough assessment of your IT environment and help you align corporate needs with potential advantages of data analysis solutions. We  provide top of the line data analysis services for small and medium business.

  • Assessment of current IT infrastructure;
  • Business needs analysis;
  • Development of technical requirements;
  • Proposal.

Our expert engineers will run full-cycle analysis, from mining and cleansing to solution modeling and data warehousing.

  • Modeling;
  • Database architecture;
  • Migration services;
  • Metadata management.

We offer advanced analytics solutions that meet your unique requirements and integrate it with your existing business applications.

  • Predictive analytics platform;
  • Machine learning solution;
  • Data streaming;
  • Real-time visualization and representation.

OMI offers a set of comprehensive big data analysis as a service in order to maintain the platform’s capabilities fully competitive and keep them up to date.

  • Upgrading;
  • User training;
  • Anomaly detection.

Machine Learning as a Service

Increase your business capabilities and rise above any competition by infusing your CRM platform with machine learning services at OMI. Improve your decision-making process, build better forecasts at a faster pace and use self-learning behavioral models to uncover the hidden value in your corporate data.

Agile System

By getting machine learning platform from OMI, you will receive a set of advanced capabilities and applications able to perform complex pattern recognition and data correlation tasks. From time-series analysis to image recognition, machine learning will enhance your business capabilities across every department in your organization.

Simple in Use

Due to highly user-friendly interface, our solutions are extremely easy to use. You don’t require immense computational power at your organization, nor do you need to possess advanced data science skills. With OMI, your business will get powerful enterprise-grade intelligence tools without expensive upgrades to your IT infrastructure.

The perfect time to seize opportunity for success is right now.

Order data analysis consultancy services from OMI, your new strategic partner!


Here at OMI, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art predictive analytics solutions, which allow you to generate accurate forecasts and gain a significant advantage over the competition. Our customer service data analysis will allow your business to deliver right solution for your customers at a right time!

Get to the next level of business process modeling with OMI.

Customer & Social Analytics

Collect and analyze customer-generated digital footprints across a magnitude of sales channels and gain a complete view over your target audience.

Operational Intelligence

Improve your decision-making process by gaining a real-time visibility and extract valuable insights from data, collected across all of your departments.

Predictive Analytics in Business

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