Salesforce Implementation Services

By having an experienced consultant fully profficient in Salesforce implementation, you can receive a cost-effective solution that improves workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. And the implementation of Salesforce CRM will be a simple, cost-effective and fast process.

Salesforce implementation strategy for Your Business

Whether you are looking to significantly boost sales or effectiveness of marketing campaigns, you can rely on our expertise to come up with an optimal strategy for Salesforce implementation. At OMI we provide our clients various cloud solutions that will be most beneficial to your organization.

We will help your business in implementing crm essentials for Salesforce!

Sales Cloud implementation

Service Cloud implementation

Marketing Cloud implementation

Agile Salesforce Implementation partners

We deliver best Salesforce implementation services through multiple iterations, making adjustments based on user feedback and experience. OMI’s team of software engineers updates configurations as part of the fine-tuning process to achieve maximum results and optimize the system that will be a most suited result for your business.

We Are Your Salesforce Implementation Partner/

Salesforce Workflow Automation

With our business process automation solution for Salesforce, you can turn your CRM platform into finely tuned clockwork that performs entire workflows on its own. From simple lookups to reporting and collaboration systems, OMI can empower your business with additional capabilities that will give you a competitive edge.

New Implementation

If you are starting with Salesforce for the very first time, then you should look no further than CRM implementation services by OMI. With over two decades of professional experience, our team will bring your company a fully custom state-of-the-art Salesforce solution that meets your unique business requirements.


Transform your existing CRM platform into a highly adaptive and secure system with brand new capacity to take your business to a new level of sales and marketing efficiency. The new Salesforce environment will be fully in line with your corporate goals in order to achieve optimal results and expand your current operations.


Maximize your Salesforce return on investment and increase the platform’s usability, functionality, and adoption with recovery services from OMI. The cloud technology continues to reform global business models, moving it rapidly towards higher scalability. So don’t let your business fall behind, realize your CRM to its fullest potential.


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End-to-End Salesforce Implementation Services/

If you want are looking for the best Salesforce Implementation partners who can lead to a rapid business acceleration, then take a look at our range of services and solutions. OMI covers virtually every step in CRM implementation lifecycle, from initial analysis to maintenance and end-user training.  Get Salesforce implementation solutions for your company today and scale up your entire business operation in no time.


Our team of business analysts and software engineers will work with you to assess your existing IT infrastructure, discover key system requirements and devise strategy to implement a Salesforce implementation strategy that will fit your business best.

Cloud Setup

OMI will set up, configure and customize the platform to meet your organization’s key needs. We will apply the best industry practices to achieve optimized business process automation. And with custom reports and dashboards you’ll gain a complete real-time view of your entire operations.


A lot of times, in order to maximize the effectiveness of Cloud platform, custom development is required. Boasting two decades of professional experience, OMI is capable of delivering fully custom solutions that will play to your business’s strengths and give you a competitive advantage on the market.

Data Management & Migration

We offer an extensive range of Data Management services, including database architecture, data warehousing, data visualization and other. At OMI, we are fully capable of taking your existing business environment and migrating it to the cloud, enabling you to gain access to elastic infrastructure services.


With our expertise at your side, you can integrate all your software, data, and processes into a single cohesive system, maximizing the value of your existing IT assets. We’ll walk you through the entire process of integration and devise the best strategy, so that your business can continuously operate without any interruptions during the entire procedure.


We offer our clients continuous support services that include bug and issue tracking as well as end-user training. OMI helps its customers to fully realize the potential of the platform by providing access to experts from best Salesforce implementation partners for administrative and development issues.


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