business intelligence implementation services

OMI will assist your company in successful implementation of Business Intelligence and taking vast fields of data in order to extract strategic business value via powerful, custom-fit solutions.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions & Services/

Advanced Analysis

We provide extensive bi and analytics services in order to extract value from your business data and empower you to make informed decisions. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of how to collect valuable information from a magnitude of digital sources like financial databases, sales, marketing, ERP data and other.

Mobile BI

In the modern business environment, no organization should be bounded by the office building and successful implementation of Business Intelligence is incloplete without mobile. Mobile BI grants you access to BI dashboards from the convenience of your smartphone. You can be anywhere at any time and still keep a close look at important KPIs.

Data Migration & Integration

Building a unified and synchronized data infrastructure is crucial for turning data into action. Software engineers at OMI have great expertise with cost-effective implementing of Business Intelligence and high-performance ETL technologies. And as experienced Business Intelligence consultant we are fully proficient in data aggregation from a variety of sources.

Assessment & Technology Consulting

As part of our end-to-end Business Intelligence services, OMI will perform full IT environment assessment and evaluate the essential business needs. Based on the findings we will devise a clear and optimized strategy. You will receive a detailed implementation approach proposal, including possible integration of CRM and business intelligence.

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Get More Value out of bi data analytics with OMI/

Our big data and BI expertise is founded on industry’s best methodologies and proficiency in top-of-the-line technologies. We provide full-cycle BI development services. From small business strategy consulting to support and maintenance of enterprise-grade applications. OMI is your go-to Business Intelligence and Analytics consultant!

Here at OMI we help our clients gain a competitive edge through a well-designed BI infrastructure. Our specialists can take care of all the setup and configuration challenges, from data warehouse development to the implementation of security solutions.

Data is only as good as its representation. That is why report building and visualization are imperative. At OMI, our software engineers excel at transforming complex data into actionable insights through real-time interactive dashboards, which bring an incredible level of clarity and precision.

Data-Centric Business Approach through integrating crm with business intelligence

Enterprise Data

Optimize your in-house business processes with powerful analytics tools embedded in your CRM.

Predictive Analytics

Our advanced BI solutions let your company build accurate forecasts based on current and past data.

Customer Analytics

Reach a new level of customer experience through fully custom marketing and sales analytics systems.


Specialists at OMI are fully proficient in dealing with the industry’s most common standards as well as modern high performance analytic databases. We excell at  implementing Salesforce Business Intelligence tools and extracting maximum value out of your CRM solution.

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