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Through our extensive expertise, OMI will help you expand the capabilities of your CRM platform and maximize business productivity.

We Build CRM Solutions that Deliver Success/

All great companies focus on the Customer! We assist in leveraging these platforms through integration, customization and apply best practices that yield maximum return on investment for our clients.

Omi is Salesforce ISV Partner

As a proud Salesforce partner, we know how to take the world’s leading CRM platform and realize its full potential. OMI delivers smart and cost-effective solutions for B2B and B2C businesses alike. With our expertise your business can build long-lasting relationships and improve productivity across the entire organization. Read more…

Microsoft Dynamics

At OMI we’ve been assisting businesses all over the world to improve customer relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our extensive expertise in the field of cloud CRM solutions can help you boost sales, implement powerful marketing automation, provide exceptional customer services and much more. Read more…


With over 20 years of experience in the market, OMI is capable of delivering fine-tuned CRM platform for small business. With Nimble social CRM, you will be able to seamlessly manage all your contacts, activities and sales in a single interface. Transform your social communities into loyal customers. Read more…

Full-Cycle CRM Solutions Development/

At OMI we offer our clients full-cycle CRM development services, from project planning to staff training and product support.

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Whether you are utilizing Nimble or Microsoft 365 or Salesforce CRM, at OMI we help you utilize CRM platforms to explore the full power of lead nurturing and turn cold leads into clients. Start building meaningful and long-lasting customer relationships with extended CRM capabilities.

  • Automate lead nurturing process and save valuable time of your sales force.
  • Use customization options and dynamic content to personalize your prospect communications.
  • Maintain a clean leads database with real-time syncing and data segmentation.

A well-managed sales cycle is the key to efficient business growth. Use full power of CRM in sales lifecycle and accelerate the entire process of onboarding with solutions such as Nimble Prospector and Nimble Piesync integration.

  • Set targets for the number of deals and the time span they should stay in each cycle stage for better management.
  • Gain a single view of communication and billing history.

Our CRM solutions excel in the area of loyalty management, allowing you to boost customer retention and satisfaction rate with solutions like Nimble-Salesforce and Nimble-Google integrations, which result in a greater number of referrals to other prospects.

  • Create self-service customer portals with social media integration.
  • Use dynamic attributes in order to track customer behavior and set up custom triggers to evaluate your loyalty program.

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