Multi-Channel Execution Leading Best Practices

Here are a few best practices to add into the mix to further your success.

Give-Aways and Discounts

Everyone is attracted to a give-away, and you may find giving customers a little something for their effort is a convenient and affordable way to entice them to go digital. Give-aways and other incentives have shown to increase electronic adoption. These enticements can include everything from inexpensive promotional items, to gift cards, or even a sweepstake for a new iPhone.

Raise Awareness

Often, customers who still receive printed correspondence are unaware they have an option to turn the paper off. It’s important to keep proactively promoting your digital initiatives to keep your customers informed. The best way to raise that awareness is to use all the channels available including direct mail, web banners, social media, email and other touch points. Certainly, this should also include any printed correspondence, as well as, envelope backer ads, statement inserts, and so forth.

Preference ManagementLeading Best Practices Multi Channel Communications  by OMI

It’s one thing to make paperless correspondence available and adopt multi-channel options, but it is quite another to manage the preferences of your customers. Make it difficult and both you and your customers suffer. Today’s customers want to control the conversation and engage with your company on their own terms. This means using the touch points they prefer – mobile, social, email and even print – or any combination of these. Preference management capabilities are critical to tie all of the pieces together and manage them in a way that makes sense, is effective and keeps customers engaged and activated.

Promote Internally

Every time a customer interacts with your service representatives they should be encouraged to go digital, if they have not already done so. This requires a thoughtful and consistent effort to educate all internal staff, especially customer facing personnel, about why your paperless adoption campaign is important and valuable – to both your customers and your organization. Track your staff’s progress and make the drive toward going digital a visible goal. For example, post a graph on progress, praise the results, and host an internal competition. Continue to encourage this internal promotion through rewards and recognitions that keep the paperless effort moving forward.


Many organizations find going paperless is a great way to “be green” and “save green” at the same time. Often, there is positive attention paid to organizations that are “going green”, and that resonates with members. Make your customers part of the experience by promoting the “green” aspects of your efforts and how they can help the paperless cause.

Know Your Demographics

More than 95% of all customer statements, bills, renewals and notices are read every month. Knowing who to target and how to communicate with them in your electronic initiatives gets you one step closer to your goals. Communicate through all accessible channels to understand and overcome hesitations in moving to paperless communications. The more you know the more you grow.