CRM + Marketing Automation In Vogue – Small Business Needs Simple Solutions for Both

CRM is back in Vogue! It seems like every day, sources like Forbes and Entrepreneur are talking about it more and more. The same goes for Marketing Automation Platforms. The consensus seems to be that if you’re not using one or both of these concepts in your Sales and Marketing execution, you’re behind the eight ball. However, without the aid of complicated integrations or third party data connectors such as Zapier and If This, Then That, we here at OMI found that taking advantage of both CRM and Marketing Automation was highly difficult for the typical small business. We experienced this firsthand with our own marketing and sales technology stack which included Salesforce, Hubspot, Nimble and other third party tools that did not provide the desired results in our own marketing and sales initiatives. Bottom-line technology licensing and human resource requirements were extensive + expensive to connect them all.366 Degrees CRM Connect

In understanding the value of native integration between Marketing Automation and CRM platforms, OMI developed our own SaaS service to benefit the small to midsize Business market. The 366 Degrees platform features seamless integration to leading CRM & Sales Intelligence platforms like Salesforce, Datanyze, and Nimble. With our 366 Degrees Marketing Automation & Sales Enablement Service, no ad hoc integrations are necessary, nor are complicated, long training periods or software downloads. It’s all doable for any small business within minutes. The actual integration of your CRM to 366 Degrees allows for increased interaction between your sales and marketing teams, as well as increased lead engagement tracking and sales enablement capabilities. By eliminating the need for multiple third party services, 366 Degrees allows the small business to focus on the two most important areas of business growth, Marketing + Sales.

366 Degrees allows you, the small business, to target specifically segmented leads and campaign groups from your CRM platform. From there, your actual campaign is edited through a smart and efficient content creator in platform, with no necessary background in coding or HTML. Within your dynamic content, you can place CRM lead and contact variables directly into all of your outbound templates and automate communications with no special IT support or difficult data integration tools. The most useful aspect, however, comes from real-time lead engagement and activity streams from 366 Degrees that post directly to your CRM platform, where sales professionals are notified of engaging prospects. Any and all lead engagement activity with your marketing and outreach campaigns are immediately available in your CRM platform. This sort of seamless integration is near impossible to achieve with such simplicity in other programs.

We are experts at utilizing leading platforms such as Salesforce, Datanyze and Nimble in our own CRM initiatives and Sales processes. In fact, if you’re a small business struggling to get your sales enablement, marketing and lead generation on the same page, we want to offer you 366 Degrees for two weeks on us. Come visit us at or to find out more. We know how to integrate Marketing Automation and CRM and take your marketing and sales initiatives to the next level.

OMI has over 20+ years as a user and partner of leading companies such as Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft and Google, be confident, we’re laser focused on what works & does not work for the SMB Market.

Customer Connections Simplified- 366 Degrees the Perfect Growth Service for the Small + Midsize Business