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Nimble social CRM

In today’s world social media (SM) plays a very important role, not only in our private lives but also in the life of any business. There are about 2.3 billion active users of social media combined and most of them are potential customers. No matter if you are in B2B or B2C sales, major social media networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook carry great insights into the customer’s behavior and can be great platforms for establishing a corporate brand.

The question is how you can adopt social media for the benefit of your organization?

Social CRM Solution & Features

The rapid growth in social media users number led to a great demand for effective social customer relationship management (CRM).  In its essence, social CRM is a platform that integrates SM platforms with CRM functionalities. Most typically this involves one of the following Social CRM features:

  • Direct customer engagements. With such software, your company can engage with customers and prospects on SM directly from the CRM interface. This allows you to increase your brand awareness and gain customer loyalty.
  • Customer service and communications. This is very similar to the customer engagements feature, but it serves a slightly different purpose. Social CRM allows you to respond to customers’ questions or complaints from the same interface.
  • Social selling. And finally, probably the most important aspect of all. Since social media is filled with useful data, your sales rep can easily access it from CRM and qualify leads.

The prime example of a system that combines all of the above is Nimble CRM.

About Nimble Social CRM

Nimble CRM is a cloud-based solution designed to automate and streamline some of the core business processes for SMB-type companies. The platform allows you to manage all of the incoming messages, tasks and social notifications all from the convenience of a single interface that can be accessed on any device.

Apart from your typical contacts and pipeline features, Nimble integrates seamlessly with all social media platforms, keeping customer profiles synced with your lists. This seems as a simple addition to functionality, but it grants you a real-time view of your customers’ social life. For example, you’ll be automatically notified if a client celebrates a milestone such as a birthday. All these little pieces of information give you useful opportunities for informed outreach and follow-ups.

Key Benefits of Nimble CRM

This all sounds great, but what are the exact business advantages the software?  Well, if look at any number of reputable sites and search for Nimble CRM review, you will see nothing praises. Nimble managed to be innovative in a very stale IT niche by getting rid of most tedious and unnecessary functions. Instead, it took all the requested features and dialed them to 11.

So, here is our brief Nimble CRM review.

Proactive engagement

In the past, if you wanted potential customers to hear about your business, you had to go to media companies and pay for advertisement placements on their platform, whether it was a magazine, a TV channel or a radio station. Although this method is still used and it is considered to be very effective, small businesses had no chance in competing with big players.

Social media changed this game. Anyone can make a publication and go viral. You can create your own publicity and engage in conversations with your customer base directly from Nimble.

Social CRM integrations with networks such as Facebook and Twitter lets you not only to engage with new potential clients, but also gather more data and improve relationships with existing client-base.

Improved R&D (Research and Development)

One of the originally unexpected social CRM features turned out to be its R&D capability. Nimble includes comprehensive analytics tools, capable of segmenting your audience according to various parameters. Your brand can adapt to any changes in customer preferences quickly and innovate with advanced features like predictive analytics.

Customer loyalty

There is no greater marketing than exceptional customer loyalty. The fact that clients are engaging with your brand and are returning speaks louder than any advertising campaigns. So naturally, you would want to improve your relationships with the client base. Key benefits of any CRM always lead back to your relationship with clients, social customer relationship management platforms are no exception.

Socially-integrated CRMs, such as Nimble, provide a stream, in real time, of your customers’ activities on social media platforms. With this information, you can start a dialogue with any or multiple of your clients, personalize each interaction and provide truly exceptional customer service.

Increased productivity

Any CRM does it. We’ve talked about all the different benefits of productivity and collaboration that can be achieved with the right implementation, so we will not be repeating ourselves. Instead, we will focus on Social CRM advantages exclusively.

Social media platforms can be viewed as vast fields of data, hiding customer insights in obscure behavior patterns. Extracting these insights through Nimble integrations can dramatically accelerate the process of qualifying leads and closing sales. The platform populates customer profiles and updates them without your interference. Your sales team can easily evaluate which prospects are more likely to close and how you can adjust to satisfy those that are lost along the pipeline.

CRM Services at OMI

Social CRM like Nimble is a perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to rapidly expand their operations and establish brand awareness through the means of social media. Not to mention that the system offers companies a set of functionalities of original CRM software. Now, every major customer relationship management platform provides some sort of SM integration through extensions and customizations. The advantage of Nimble is that it was built with it from the start and essentially dictates the rules of the game. 

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