High Velocity Sales by Salesforce. Complete Overview

Engaging more customers and increasing sales productivity can be challenging for most enterprises. This is when investing in sales enablement platforms makes sense. Modern market trends dictate new rules, and digital channels have become the main path for reaching new leads. In this article, we will cover the key functionality and benefits of High Velocity Sales –  the latest sales enablement solution by Salesforce.

What Is Salesforce High Velocity Sales?

Recent studies show that sales reps spend almost 64% of their working time on performing administrative tasks daily, while a bit more than 30% of this time is spent on selling activities. With the help of various optimization tools, the time spent on daily routine tasks can be decreased allowing sales reps to pay more attention to their qualified leads.


High Velocity Sales by Salesforce is designed to empower inside sales and speed up internal processes for all sales-related teams. The salesforce add-on combines the best of integration, automation, and AI-based features to provide sales representatives with opportunities to increase their productivity and shorten the sales cycle. 

How Does It Help Sales Teams?

High Velocity Sales enables intelligent selling and allows leveraging a broad range of benefits:


  1. Enable fast sales. The overall sales productivity increases and allows teams to shorten the time between prospecting and closing deals.
  2. Unify sales cycles. Sales processes can be mastered to perfection, which makes it easier for reps to implement proven techniques to gain success with every new lead. 
  3. Reduce time spent on operational tasks. Automation and integration reduce manual data entry, as well as the time spent on daily routine tasks, thus letting reps focus more on selling products and services.
  4. Enable smart lead prioritization. The AI driven process helps to analyze all the data on your leads and define which of them are more likely to convert.
  5. Easy to use by non-tech specialists. According to user reviews Salesforce High Velocity Sales is intuitive with a simple interface and functionality that can be used with little or no training.

High Velocity Sales allows sales teams to increase their productivity, engage and convert more leads in less amount of time. As a result, your company’s lead identification, revenues, and overall performance will grow based on the disciplined sales cadence it enables. 

Key Features and Their Functionality

High Velocity Sales can revolutionize the way your reps do sales due to the combination of focused cadences and their structured lead follow up process. Each of the areas listed below will help your employees to optimize their workflows and stay more productive.


  • Work Queue provides reps with a list of top priority tasks. It includes everything from calls to emails, allowing users to plan their work day more efficiently and keep track of the completed tasks. 
  • Sales Cadence represents sequences of activities implemented by reps to engage more leads. It includes emails, calls, voicemails, and social media. With its help, your employees can set a timeline of marketing activities needed to convert every lead in their database. 
  • Einstein Lead Score uses the AI technology to analyze all the data on leads and help reps to convert and prioritize them faster. The data is analyzed every 10 days and allows reps to get valuable insights into key factors and customers’ behavior to identify which leads are likely to convert and due to what reasons. 
  • Lightning Dialer is an in-built call manager that provides users with access to contacts and telephony features directly in the application. Sales reps can make and receive calls, record voice messages in advance, and take notes within a single interface. 
  • Lightning Sales Console represents an all-in-one dashboard with access to all of the sales tools. With the help of this single workspace, your employees can optimize their task management and the overall processes related to sales. 

Want to Know More About Salesforce?

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