Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Bing Maps Integration with Maplytics

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Does Your Team Really Need Map Integration with Dynamics 365?

The fact that the most successful businesses today are using data to support their strategic decision-making is no surprise. But as it becomes more accessible, it is not just the teams with the most data that hold the competitive advantage, but those that can get the most out of it. 


By some estimates, as much as 80% of the world’s data includes location information – some sort of spatial or geographic aspect. So, if your team doesn’t yet have an effective strategy for using location intelligence to enhance operations, you are almost certainly falling behind the curve.


However, by integrating Maplytics with Dynamics 365, you are able to expand your business intelligence capabilities with powerful features that enable you to harness geospatial data.

How to Enable Bing Maps in Dynamics 365

Ever wondered how to enable Bing Maps in Dynamics 365? Or how to effectively optimize your customer relationship management process with location-based insights? Maplytics Dynamics 365 is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool designed to help you do exactly that. 


Maplytics Dynamics CRM extracts data and visualizes it geographically through Bing Maps integration so your team can access in-depth location-based insights, and make data-driven decisions accordingly. 


With your Maplytics Dynamics CRM data represented on a map, it is much easier to get an overview of your business and to glean more information from the data you already have. You can, for instance, identify density in different areas, understand the geography of your market at a glance, and have the ability to drill down for more detailed information.

What Do You Get When You Use Maplytics?

Maplytics Dynamics 365 adds many useful features to the powerful capabilities. 


With Maplytics, you get:


  • Territory Management
  • Appointment Planning
  • Routing and Radius Search
  • Geographical Data Visualization
  • Optimized Routing
  • Automated Appointment Planning
  • Proximity Search
  • Heat Maps
  • Shape Overlay
  • Census data visualization


These features provide information that can be used in a variety of ways: improving cost efficiency by streamlining business processes, improving sales, and enhancing your ability to target the right customers at the right time. 

How Will You Benefit From Integrating Dynamics 365 and Bing Maps With Maplytics?

There are tons of locational intelligence capabilities that can be unlocked by Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Bing Maps integration. 


With Dynamics CRM data visualized on a map, your sales or service teams can do everything from scheduling appointments to optimizing routing in order to reduce distance or time, and thus improve planning and efficiency. 


Sales managers can get a quick snapshot of their teams’ insights by accessing customizable dashboards with all the relevant information. They can also manage the territories assigned to team members and review region-based statistics and make the necessary operational adjustments on the fly.


Marketing teams can target location-based marketing campaigns more effectively. For instance, a marketing manager can inform selected clients within a certain radius of a venue about events like exhibitions and trade fairs in their vicinity. 


Marketing teams can also filter localized marketing lists demographically using categories like rating, status, and job title, and can even identify leads and prospects using tools like Proximity Search and seamlessly hand off these leads to the sales department, all within the Maplytics Dynamics 365 CRM integration.

Maplytics Pricing

Maplytics pricing is determined by the unique company requirements. Get in touch with us for more information on pricing and find the best solution for your business. 

RetrieveRoute by OMI

You can expand your location intelligence arsenal even more with RetrieveRoute by OMI, which is available exclusively on the Microsoft Store. 


RetrieveRoute gives you access to shipping and tracking data on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Platform. You will be able to see live shipping data for UPS, FedEx, and USPS, showing you exactly where shipped products are from the moment the sales order is made. 


With features like these, you can level up the productivity of various Dynamics 365 users across your entire organization. 

Get Your Solution Today!

There is a whole list of reasons why your team needs effective location intelligence tools that put you in the best position to achieve your organizational goals. We have only scratched just the surface.


Maplytics Dynamics 365 will provide you not just with vital data analytics and visualization, but also the features that will improve your teams’ productivity, save you time, and reduce operational costs by improving efficiency. Get in touch with Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants at OMI to find out more about Maplytics pricing and get solutions for your business. 


You can go even further and improve the insights you get from your location data by tracking items at any stage of the shipping process with the RetrieveRoute add-on.

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