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Branding your company and maintaining a great brand image is one of the most important success factors for any organization. And while many tools and services exist to make branding easier, doing it properly is not an easy process. Even designing straightforward email campaign and landing page templates can be difficult, especially when you undertake the additional steps of personalizing the message, testing the campaign and tracking the results.
For marketers with limited resources what seems to be a simple task can take days, weeks or months of back and forth coding, testing browsers, and device presentation across tablets and smartphones. What should take hours often turns into large, cumbersome projects that simply never come to fruition. 366 Degrees Marketplace Templates Made Easy
Tap Into the Template Marketplace
How can you overcome these hurdles and get great branding that get results?  One way is to tap into the thousands of templates available in marketplaces like Envato’s Themeforest, Email Monks and others. The benefit in purchasing existing templates is that they often provide a framework for marketers to speed the process of campaign execution. Thousands of professional marketers and designers have spent endless hours perfecting responsive templates and tested them across browsers, devices and other platform delivery. Why not leverage these marketing assets and expertise to your advantage?
Easy Access and Integration with 366 Degrees
At 366 Degrees we are focused on making campaign execution simple and we’ve made the process of procuring and uploading professional templates from all the various creative marketplaces easy to do. Simply buy your template of choice and import it directly through our Quick Campaign upload module. Your imagery is automatically loaded to your image gallery and your marketplace template is loaded into your branding categories automatically. Once loaded, you are free to change branding and other content for your campaign however you wish and use our contributor feature to invite other colleagues and resources to contribute to your template before campaign launch.
Real World Savings and Success
Why not save time, money and effort by leveraging templates that have been proven, rated and validated in the real world by other marketing and brand experts just like you. To learn more about how to do it with 366 Degrees simply click here to schedule a free demo or visit us.

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