Salesforce Email Marketing Integration

Reasons to Integrate Email Marketing with Salesforce

No matter what kind of business you run, in which domain you operate or how large your operations are, any organization requires a solid structure. A company is fragmented into departments, which in turn have their own hierarchy, and every team member has his or her own pool of tasks. This structure allows you to organize a logical workflow and put the expertise of each employee in action. However, it cannot be achieved without stable and reliable exchange of information. And it doesn’t just apply to people and departments. Chances are good, you are using Some sort of CRM software like Salesforce, but do your employees use email integration with it?

Marketing and sales departments very often go hand in hand, and although they have finely defined roles, each benefits and excels when working together. Same goes with email marketing and CRM platform. Both of these things are great tools that your business may very well rely on, but putting them together creates an even stronger combination.

Today we will talk about multiple benefits and strategies of Salesforce email marketing integration capabilities. And as always we will touch on its technical application.

Email Marketing Integration Strategies

First, let’s discuss some ways email marketing can be integrated with Salesforce. More than 80% of companies around the globe use email marketing, but not large percentage integrate it with a CRM platform.

Integration can be a step to bringing your email campaigns to the next level. There are some undoubtedly effective tactics to consider when taking such step.

Social media + email

Being one of the powerhouses in the digital marketing domain, SM (Social Media) is very often a go-to tool to boost the effectiveness of marketing strategies. The most simplistic approach would be incorporating “SM share” buttons. An easy trick of adding the opportunity to engage with the audience boosts a click-through rate by more than 150%.

Targeting specific groups of customers depending on their social media profiles is also a solid approach that leads to greater customer loyalty.

Salesforce Email and Marketing Analytics

A powerful CRM platform such as Salesforce provides a set of analytical tools that are used to manage marketing campaigns more effectively. However, not many SMB type of companies are utilizing such approach. With small businesses, this is caused by relatively low amounts of data to work with and there is no need to pay for hyper-advanced software, simple tools such as 366 Degrees can do the trick. At the same time, mid-sized companies have already good amounts of data to work with, but only a 5th of them are using analytics.

Analytics is crucial to your business, since at medium business level already, there is no way to tell if the campaign is successful and are there any benefits of email marketing, without it.

Salesforce automation for email campaigns

Automation is key to continuous and smooth workflow. Manual syncing and logging emails takes time, not much, but when you account for a human factor such as vacations, sick leave and simple “oops, forgot” it turns into a nightmare. And the larger the business is the more terrifying it can become.

Automated email integration solves all these issues and lets your employees focus on important matters at hand. Plus, across all the departments you will have up-to-date and complete email data.

These are just a few examples of how Salesforce email marketing can be implemented through integration.

Benefits of Salesforce Email Marketing Integration

Now that we’ve covered the ways email marketing can be integrated, it is time to touch on the subject of “why”. There are clear benefits of email marketing on different levels of the organization.

Improved sales visibility

When email marketing is integrated with CRM, your sales reps will have real-time insights into customer behavior constantly. All the clickthrough data, potential prospects and other information that can be extracted from email campaigns equips your employees with better intelligence and therefore makes them stronger at their job.

Unified contact list

This is something out of the realm of basic structure and organization. The reason why we put it on the list is that it is unbelievable, how few companies utilize this approach in their business model. Synced contact list across the entire organization prevents redundancy, which can lead to mistakes, grants you better visibility into your customers and makes the entire process of tracking leads far more convenient.

Actionable triggers

One of the best ways that Salesforce can improve your email marketing campaign is through setting up triggers based on the customer data stored in the CRM. Customer loyalty is built very often on minor individual elements, like a little birthday card in the email. Also, client retention is another key benefit of email marketing that cannot be overlooked. If for example, your clients’ subscription period is about to expire, then it is definitely time to execute a campaign. Automated Salesforce email marketing integration does all these little but important things for you.

Salesforce CRM Email Integration: Features & Benefits

There is definitely no way we can cover every single detail and aspect of email marketing integration in a single article. Besides email is only a single part of your business infrastructure that can be integrated with a CRM with positive results. So we will briefly touch on the matter of technicality of Salesforce email integration.

The process of any data integration is not very long, but it needs to be executed flawlessly. The simpler some tasks are, the bigger the effect of a mistake, this one is no exception. The first step that your business needs to take is to identify all the points of integration and map it out. Then the most crucial part of the process will come in play – scheduling. When it comes to integration, what many people don’t understand is there has to be a clear plan and swift execution. Otherwise, your organization might face a major roadblock due to some data being unavailable. Only then can the integration of any type be performed.

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