How to Boost a Customer Satisfaction through Ticket Management System

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Ticket Management System

No one has invented a more efficient form of marketing than a satisfied customer. So naturally, most technologies in customer relations sector are aimed towards keeping clients happy. And as digital solutions become more and more accessible, companies are moving towards corporate ticket management system.

However, just like with most technology trends, only very few businesses know how to leverage its full potential and utilize system at maximum capacity. The rest, unfortunately, believe that their current system still works well enough. In most cases, the customer relations system is simply an email account.

Although, such simple solution, may very well serve your company well and do its job, it far from perfect and it’s most certainly not the best option available. Having a corporate ticket management system for project management can be very much beneficial to both you and your clients.

Challenges of Modern Project Management

In today’s customer-oriented business environment, having a well-defined and smooth-running help desk is a prescription, not a suggestion. Yet, a rapid adoption of technology can lead to major pitfalls and presents great challenges.

Clunky communication

The very first issue that organizations face, when implementing any help desk software is growing volume of requests, which they cannot handle. This, in turn, slows down communication and can go as far as missing customer request. Also, it can create redundancies in response as well as time lags, which negatively affect user experience and customer satisfaction.

Lack of information & metrics

In addition to the complexity and communication problem, most IT help desks also face the issue of reporting and evaluation. Without a proper plan and preliminary setups for data acquisition, you will remain blind to certain metrics, which require a certain time frame to form a large enough sample. Such characteristics as:

  • Fulfillment;
  • Workflow-time;
  • Performance;
  • End-user feedback;
  • etc.

Your company needs these metrics to properly adjust the help desk solution and form a more efficient customer relations department.

Inefficient workflow

Finally, there is a problem of decentralized IT support. Most companies receive requests through a magnitude of channels like email, phone, social networks and so on. So, with no centralized system, some of your requests may get stuck in the pipeline, not to mention that it very susceptible to human error.

Not to mention that without a single portal the end-users must manually visit the IT support team or contact them to learn about progress.

Advantages of Ticket Management System

Ticket management software provides many ways of overcoming these challenges, as it creates a centralized hub for client communication and increased level of overall organization. As email accounts become super messy and overcrowded with various contacts, labels, and folders, customer ticket management system is designed to keep everything in check.

Automated help desk solution does a great deal of work that is otherwise would be performed by your customer support agent. And with an increased level of organization comes a large variety of other benefits.


Because you now have a centralized communication system that sorts out customer requests, prioritizes them and forward to the right person. Your clients expect you to handle everything in an efficient and fast manner. And because you now free up the pipeline and distributed the load equally, you may process a greater amount of tickets at a faster pace.


While talking about customer support, one thing that is often overlooked or at least underrated is your image as professionals.  Old-fashion systems such as email or poorly implemented help desk give out a feeling of being an amateur. At the same time, the digital ticketing system is something that is not as widely spreads and looks forward thinking and modern. Something a client would want to expect from you.

Automated updates

Some customers would like to have full transparency to the progress of their request. A ticket management software can provide customers with automatic updates as well as an estimated timeline of the request completion. Customers tend to exhibit much more patient if they have some information, regarding their issue and receive a notification that it might take a bit longer than they’ve expected.

Records, statistics and analytics

One of the benefits of ticket management system, is that it allows to remove some redundancy from everyday life of your employees. No one likes to be asked the same question twice. But, unfortunately, it happens, more than you might think. When you use efficient ticket management software, your employees will be able to see the entire history of communication with a client. This helps you eliminate any redundancy and uncertainty.

Furthermore, in addition to simply storing and pulling those records, you can actually use them to perform data analytics, gather statistics and, consequently, make data-driven adjustments to your corporate workflow.

Customer Ticket Management System with Salesforce Service Cloud

One of the most effective software solutions on the market for ticketing system is Salesforce Service Cloud. A couple of reason why this is so.

First and foremost it makes your help desk an inherent part of your CRM platform. Second, it uses data from multiple sources, not just customer support, to better understand customer’s needs. The third reason, it can pull email, social, phone, and chat into single UI. And last but not least, it’s easy to set-up and can be used to assist every customer, everywhere. These are very important qualities of a customer ticket management system.

As far as raw numbers go, Salesforce Service Cloud solution has shown that it can boost all of the following: customer retention, request resolution, and client satisfaction by up to 30%.

If your company is interested in implementing Salesforce Service Cloud as primary help desk software, then you can contact us at Outsource Management Inc. (OMI). We are first-class experts in CRM integration and implementation services. OMI is the go-to resource for emerging mid-size companies that embrace CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales enablement platforms to grow and dominate their niche.

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