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We live in the age when better customer experience essentially creates more value for your business. This isn’t something new or earth shattering. In fact, most organizations rate customer experience as number one priority that determines business success.

The difference between a happy customer and a returning customer is very thin and in most cases, these two would be indistinguishable from one another. However, this is a double-edged sword, because sometimes just one negative experience will be enough to drive the client away. In fact, almost as much as 90% of consumers would turn away to the competition without a second thought.

The top brands in the world are taking a far more proactive approach towards customer service, by focusing on identifying the reasons why people call them, rather than simply learning what to tell clients when they do. As a result, such companies can address some issues much earlier.

Companies should utilize all tools available to them for the purpose of improving customer experience. And although, when speaking of customer service we most commonly think of human interaction, more often than not people overlook the value that technology can play in establishing a better customer experience. In fact, the entire type of enterprise software has been developed with the sole purpose of improving business relationships with clients. It is referred to as CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

5 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Salesforce customer service solution is a great example of how technology can bring about an improvement to customer service. In this article, we give five examples of how the top CRM in the world can be used to improve customer experience and bring greater value to your business.

Process automation

The first thing you might consider is business process automation with Salesforce. Taking tedious work from the hands of your employees and simply relying on the smart IT solution to perform some task can save your company a great deal of time, allowing you to focus on client relationships.

Not only can this solution streamline processes such as accounting or reporting, but it also significantly lowers the possibility of a human error. Many of the Salesforce automation services offered on the market can ensure that every email is sent correctly and every phone call is made on time.

So automation can play a great role in improving customer relationship, but it should not be used exclusively. The problem with this particular solution is that some companies simply overuse it. Giving your clients direct access to a service agent to speak with, avoiding numerous recordings and menus, is important too.

Predictive analytics

Salesforce predictive analytics is another great example of how you can take CRM and use it to improve the client’s experience ahead of time. To put it in simple terms, predictive marketing utilizes big data and BI (Business Intelligence) tools to make accurate forecasts of the customer’s behavior.

So by implementing such solution, you can precisely know how your company’s marketing actions would affect the consumer, which allows evaluating in advance which decisions have a greater chance of succeeding, and planning business strategies accordingly.

In the past, descriptive analytics was used in marketing. The main difference between the two can be summed up as:

  • Descriptive analytics tells how it is.
  • Predictive analytics tells how it will be.

And although the former is undoubtedly necessary for business assessment, utilizing this sort of analytics puts you behind the curve, while the predictive type allows you to plan for the future.

And although it might sound to some like a piece of science fiction, predictive marketing has already been implemented by the top marketers.

Engaging marketing

Engaging with the community and staying in touch is one sure way to win customer loyalty. Salesforce allows you to track down every interaction with every client down to your first contact. And if you see that one of your previous clients hasn’t been in touch with the company for a few months, chances are good, you no longer have the client.

With the CRM’s capabilities, you can easily sort the client’s interaction by date and stay in touch with them at all times.


Business mobility is among the top concerns in any industry nowadays. No wonder, since mobile devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives, and we expect corporations to accommodate us in every aspect. So providing a great mobile experience is more like a prescription, rather than friendly advice.

Social media integration

Salesforce allows for seamless and easy integration with the most popular social media platforms. And although Twitter’s Advanced Search feature can keep track of such interactions, why not do the same for multiple platforms in a single system?

With Salesforce, every important interaction that is relevant to your business will be collected in a single inbox. And with advanced keywords search and feed that can be refreshed every 5 minutes, your business can stay in touch with the audience on social media constantly.

Remember that great customer experience is the most powerful marketing strategy of all. Today, a single customer, with a big follower base on social media, can trash your brand in a single post, impacting you really bad. However, the same way, a happy customer can bring you more potential clients and create a good publicity out of thin air.

Salesforce Customer Service Solutions at OMI

Although organizations around the world recognize customer service as a top priority, many still fail to realize the hidden potential of technologies and what Salesforce customer service solutions can bring in terms of business value.

At OMI we are specializing in delivering custom state-of-the-art Salesforce solutions that are tailored specifically to match the business model of your company and complement its every strong side. With Salesforce customization done right, your business can grow, find new customers, while at the same time improving the relationships with the already existing customer base. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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