Why Customer Experience Means More than Customer Acquisition

Customer Experience by 366 Degrees
Are you so intently focused on lead generation and customer acquisition that you are ignoring your most important customers…the ones they already have? Companies often spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours to acquire new customers only to do very little to manage and enhance their ongoing experience once they are on board.  Marketing campaigns attract new customers, but boring customer communications soon work to erode the customer experience and threaten brand loyalty over time.
Customer Experience, not Acquisition
Until recently, organizations focused the bulk of their attention on finding, attracting and onboarding new customers. The key to success was believed to be found in primarily in new products, market growth and new revenue. But now organizations are coming to realize that sustaining a successful enterprise requires more than new customers, it requires loyal ones as well.
Social Media Drives Brand Reputation
With the advent of social media and real-time interactive feedback via the Internet every customer has the potential to be your best customer…one that actively builds your brand reputation and promotes your products and services to family, friends and followers. These “brand ambassadors” are worth their weight in marketing dollars when it comes to attracting new business. The benefit is two- fold: retain existing customer loyalty and increase referrals for new customers. 
Improving Customer Experience
What exactly is “customer experience” and how do you improve it? The Harvard Business Review defines customer experience your customer’s end-to-end journey with you — the cumulative impact of multiple touch points over time, which result in a real relationship feeling, or lack of it. How can you improve this customer experience?  One way is through our innovative cloud-based Customer Communications Management tool 366 Degrees.  Reaching across communication channels in social media, mobile and online formats is easy with 366 Degrees, as well as the ability to quickly analyze the effectiveness of those social connections.
A Single Platform
With 366 Degrees you now have a single platform to manage all of your customer communications no matter what form they take.  The fundamental benefit is the ability to enable more strategic and thoughtful activity behind how your company engages with customers on an ongoing basis. Contact us to learn more today.

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