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With thousands of technologies in the market, we chose more of a simplistic approach to build our Marketing Technology Stack based on proven technologies and services.

Our stack primarily involves four main technologies: (CRM), 366 Degrees (Customer Lifecycle Management), Izenda (Analytics) and (Conversations & in App Messaging).

In addition, we include Hubspot (Inbound), (Profile Matching) and an add-on Web service from 366 Degrees called Currents (Activity Streams). We also use Canva, Adobe Creative and WordPress.

Why We Did It

We invested in our CRM almost 15 years ago. About 6 years ago we invested in Hubspot for inbound and SEO. Our expertise in the two services lends itself to our Technology Stack today.

We found that there were a few important components missing in our CRM and inbound capabilities, however. First was true visibility across the customer lifecycle. Second was real time data access (outbound, inbound and in app). And third was the ability to provide actionable information to determine what next steps were required to drive value.

Today we believe we have achieved a perfect synergy using these components. The focus of our Stack is on Customer Lifetime Value.

The Marketing Stack


Customer Lifecycle Management

366 Degrees is our own technology that was developed to meet our existing customer and future customer’s needs in the areas of marketing automation using email, social media, landing pages and integrated campaigns. The platform is tailored for large constituent communications across multi- channel engagement and executes and aggregates mass communications across the channels to segmented and targeted audiences (resident in, for instance). For in-app targeted communications we utilize

Data Enrichment and Profile Accuracy (a service) is used to clean and update lead and customer data internal to Salesforce and that has been obtained from third party sources like Hubspot, LinkedIn and Twitter (via 366 Degrees through connect service called 366 Currents).

CRM is the CRM component of our Stack. However, we required more comprehensive outbound, in-bound and in-app campaign functionality and data analytics, especially around multi-channel communications. OMI did not want to impact the core usage of CRM for sales and customer service activities, so the Marketing Technology Stack had to seamlessly interact and report back to lead and contact record of campaign activity across the channel. We needed daily one to one relationships with clients and leads to be managed in not in third party service.

Creative and Content Management

366 Degrees includes an intuitive and responsive editor that is used for email creation, landing pages, CTA’s, social posts and marketing templates for multi-channel communications. WordPress and Hubspot used for primary business blogs and websites. Canva and Adobe Creative Cloud are used to create peripheral marketing assets. Asset Management for Canva and Adobe are managed by 366 Degrees, and the platform provides the creative collaboration and management around campaigns with third party creative resources, copy writers and agency services.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Izenda is used as an embedded business intelligence and reporting component in our Stack. Additional native reporting is also provided via 366 Currents on activity and engagement across leads, customers and campaign data sources.

How We Use It366 Degrees OMI Marketing Stack

366 Degrees is installed in our Salesforce instance and available to any company through the Salesforce app exchange. Marketers and corporate communications managers build marketing assets and templates for campaigns around the use of e-mail, custom landing pages and call to action, and social media. All of these components are automated within integrated campaigns with delivery based on behavior, interactions, date and time or triggers.

Marketers can invite other contributors to work directly within 366 Degrees. Once assets are available, marketers pull audience and segmentation from the Salesforce CRM lead data, contact data or Salesforce campaigns that already have a defined audience. Simple one-off campaigns are launched or integrated for behavioral multi-step campaigns. All campaign activity can be connected to chatter or Salesforce 1 groups.

Upon campaign execution, interactions and engagement activities are posted live to the lead or contact record in Salesforce providing a real time stream for sales and other Salesforce users to view and take action.

The Outcome

Marketers require more intelligence regarding the campaigns, assets and content they are creating. With 366 Degrees they have the ability to build out sophisticated dashboards and data views that reach across email, landing pages, social and integrated campaigns. The data aggregation allows marketers to view all interactions and engagement around their content. This helps our marketing team understand not only lead and acquisition campaigns but more importantly across our existing customers driving more cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

OMI has improved campaign ROI from real engagement and interactions across our multi-channel outbound, in-bound and in-app data sets by combining as data of record, 366 Degrees and intercom as our record of engagement and interactions by providing data visualization with our imbedded Izenda reporting engine.

The above Stack can be integrated for companies currently utilizing professional and enterprise out of the box. OMI has commercialized the above Marketing Technology Stack and it is available in the market today.

For more information and detail on the above, please feel free to visit us at or call us at 877-377-7274. We are happy to pass on our experiences in the above Technology Stack.

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