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CaptureTheStoryThe Building Blocks of Exceptional Branding: What’s Your Unique Value Proposition?

In today’s fast-paced world, small business owners need to do more than adopt the “if you build it, they will come” mindset. Due to the constant exposure to marketing through all channels, it can be a challenge for SMBs to stand out from the competition. The truth is that simply having a business presence isn’t enough to form a lasting impression—and in order to the thrive in the marketplace, you’ll need to have a unique value proposition and positioning statement.

How Can Small Business Owners Create a Unique Customer Experience?

One of the keys to connecting with your customers is creating a unique experience. This is an aspect of branding that is difficult to tap into, but it can help your small business experience exponential growth. Creating a unique customer experience can’t be forced—it needs to derive from the core of your company’s mission, and offer something of true value for your customers. Once customers begin to associate your brand with a positive experience, you’ll discover that your unique value proposition can help take your name to the top.

But what IS a unique value proposition? By definition, this is the statement that sets your brand apart from the competition in your industry. It should be prominent in many aspects of your marketing, from your website’s homepage to the tagline on your business cards. It showcases the promise of your products or service, but it must be delivered in a different way than what’s already available in the marketplace.

The Steps to Making a Lasting Impression with Your Customers

Truth is, there is no specific path to branding yourself in a certain way. However, there are several ways you can go about positioning yourself in the industry. When you’re looking to create a unique customer experience and positioning statement, consider the following ideas:

Improving on a service or product: Let’s face it—there are tons of services and products out there that are great in theory, but poorly executed. Improving on a product or service is a surefire way to create a unique connection with your customers, all while setting yourself apart in the marketplace. For example, 366 Degrees created an exceptional CRM integration and marketing automation system that helps SMBs grow while managing leads. Our software is customized to adapt alongside the ever-changing sales funnel, so our clients spend less time chasing new customers and more time making sales.

Targeting a niche audience: Although it sounds counterproductive to offer your services to a small amount of people, this can be one of the best ways to increase your customer base and make a great impression. 366 Degrees primarily works with SMBs, and we design our software to perfectly fit their needs.

Making a difference: What service or product can you offer that makes a difference in the lives of your customers? When you aim to make your customers happier and make their lives easier, you’ll be on the fast track to gaining new customers for life.

Build a Better Brand with 366 Degrees

While you’ll need to dig deep to find your own unique value proposition, 366 Degrees can help bring your brand to the next level with innovative marketing automation and CRM integration. Contact us today to learn how we can help maximize the efficiency of your brand: 877-377-7274.