Make Big Waves with Marketing Automation for Salesforce CRM

Leverage the power of marketing automation with Salesforce CRM to connect prospects, leads and customers. Create personalized journeys and engage loyal followers!

As longtime Salesforce users, we know firsthand the headaches and hangups that come with implementing a marketing automation solution into the platform. From complicated setups and long implementation processes, to a lack of forward-facing data and overly expensive solutions, we’ve seen it all. Many users of leading Salesforce marketing automation solutions also cite poor user interfaces, a clunky email editor, and a lack of solid reporting as well. We’ve heard these complaints and had them ourselves, so we decided to do something about it.

Here at OMI, we’ve been Salesforce users and consultants since day one. We know the ins and outs of Salesforce and have partnered  to create the perfect marketing automation platform for your small business. With seamless integration, competitive pricing, and lightning fast pushback to your lead and contact profile records,  366 Degrees is the perfect platform to convert leads to sales and contacts to life-time customers.

Sick of difficult email editors? Enter the 366 Degrees snippet tool. Build engaging responsive emails with templates or easy drop & drag design features. The 366 Degree email editor uses pre-coded HTML blocks called snippets to make content creation easy. Use merge fields to personalize content based on Salesforce lead and customer profiles. The same tools work for our landing page creator, so you can collect leads on your site and drive them into automated campaigns. Include video and watch leads engage real-time, with our smart integration to leading video marketing platforms like Vidyard.

Once your email is built, 366 allows you to segment your contact and lead lists internally, or use Salesforce’s campaign building feature to target both leads and contacts at the same time. Easily segment and select audience straight from Salesforce and create personalized communications to convert customers. Add contacts and leads ad-hoc direct from their SF profile into predefined nurture campaigns and automate your sales enablement cycle without ever leaving Salesforce.

As you run your campaign, 366 automatically pushes back to your Salesforce profiles as leads or contacts  interact with your content, and enriches these profiles with lead scoring. You now have context on which emails, landing pages, and videos your lead is interacting with and when. This turns your lead’s profile page into a powerful interest gauging tool. Enrich your leads profile in Salesforce, and they update right alongside them in 366 Degrees as well. Keep your leads up to date automatically, and follow them along the funnel as they turn to sales! Plus, we’re completely Lightning enabled and customizable to fit the way you work.  Add a 366 Degrees Tab, lightning widget or view directly on your detail page to quickly identify the best prospects.

Worried about reports actually being of value? 366 allows your sales and marketing teams to work together easily with pushback into your Salesforce Chatter stream. Long gone is the era of debate between marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads. Gain deep insight to campaign metrics with customized dashboards and reporting. View reports across sales, marketing and operations associated with lead and contact engagement. See data associated with different channels such as landing pages, email and social properties. Customize your own reporting in 366 Degrees. Your whole team can now see how well campaigns are faring and follow up with them digitally in seconds.

Lengthy implementation got you hesitant? Fear not, connecting Salesforce and marketing automation installation takes seconds! Just find us in the AppExchange and connect in seconds. No downloads or long training process here. Optimized for Chrome, our platform works in your browser to connect with Salesforce CRM with a simple login. Once you login with your Salesforce credentials, you’re ready to turn sales into leads just like that!

If you’re sick of the clunky solutions from the big guys like we were, give 366 Degrees a shot and with monthly plans priced at $295, when you decide to stick around, you’ll have the best value out there.

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