Happy Birthday OMI!

OMI-15-Year-Anniversary-Seal-LargeHappy Birthday OMI!  We are pleased to announce our 15 year anniversary.

It all started back in 1999 when OMI was founded as one of the first Software as a Service (SaaS) providers in the Customer Communications Management space. Since then, we have become a trusted source for innovative, cloud-based customer-facing platforms that improve brand loyalty and engagement across a number of industries including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Utilities and Consumer Product and Goods.
For the past 15 years our expertise has allowed us to immediately aide our customers in developing solutions and platforms with real value. Clients ranging from seed stage startups to Fortune 1000 companies have trusted us to develop cloud platforms that drive revenue, boost brand loyalty, and bring about bottom-line improvements in performance.

Our Three Brands

In the past, OMI had many hats and offered many solutions and approaches using our cloud-based platforms and services. To simplify and focus, we’d like to announce our three primary brands, all forged from our years of experience working with customer facing portals,transactional documents, omni-channel communications, and cloud-                                                                                                           based platform development.

366° Degrees?

– Our 366° Degrees? platform provides organizations with the ability to centralize, manage and improve all their customer communications no matter what form they take, and thereby drive more intelligent and profitable marketing communications through the cloud. 366 Degrees allows companies from all industries to easily reach across multiple communication channels and then quickly analyze the effectiveness of customer engagement.


– Our Statement2web™ Service is focused on fundamental customer communications that affect the revenue cycle: bills, payments and customer service. Statement2web plugs directly into existing corporate AR and statement processes to provide a superior experience for customers while allowing billers to take more control over a traditionally paper-bound, costly and archaic processes.

Kick-Start Cloud Ventures™

– Kick-Start is a new way to develop, deliver, manage, and monetize cloud services. We provide market validation, lifecycle development, cloud service delivery, and on-going infrastructure and scalability services to meet new market demands for our clients. Kick-Start eliminates the internal dilemma of ‘build vs. buy’ with a proven and professional service to drive adoption and consumption of new cloud services.

It’s All About Engagement

For us, it’s all about improving engagement between our clients brand and their customers.  We work to deliver platforms for customer engagement that matter. We have a history of managing tens of millions of communications each month through our services across a wide variety of industries. OMI approaches engagement from all aspect of our client’s communications — from outbound communications to inbound communications — allowing for a true measurement of interaction and engagement.

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