Sales Cloud Einstein: Business Benefits, Features & Pricing

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein Features & Pricing by OMI

Sales teams are a major deciding factor in the success – or indeed the failure – of a business. They identify qualified leads, offer important insight into client trends and preferences, and work to develop client relationships. They also play a crucial role in the development of marketing initiatives that produce results and drive loyalty and retention.


A robust sales team, one that produces valuable customer data, engages positively with potential customers, and improves lead conversion rates, ensures that your company stays ahead of the competition. 


So let’s take a look at the Salesforce Einstein AI for Sales Cloud, a solution that is meant to make your teams more productive and effective. 

What is Sales Cloud Einstein?

This solution is a set of artificial intelligence-powered technologies that work with the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform. It is intended to improve the sales process and includes a number of features that your reps can take advantage of to close more deals faster.


The platform offers tools to automate repetitive operations and provide deep insights into customer behavior, allowing your agents to quickly and easily access the data necessary for informed decision-making. They can then take the next appropriate actions with their prospects and customers, with the confidence that comes with data-driven insights.

Benefits of Salesforce Einstein for Sales

Salesforce Einstein delivers the benefits and advantages that you would expect from the introduction of AI into any process. here are a few significant perks that you get by using the solution:

Increased efficiency

Einstein automates repetitive processes, allowing your staff to concentrate on more critical objectives.

Improved accuracy

Einstein analyzes customer data with machine learning algorithms to deliver more accurate insights than traditional tools.

Enhanced collaboration

Teams can more readily access and exchange information, making it easier to coordinate efforts to get more done faster.

Better customer insights

The insights the platform provides help teams get a better understanding of their prospects and customers, allowing them to personalize their approach to each individual.

Sales Cloud Einstein Features

Einstein Forecasting

Einstein Forecasting eliminates the need for human data entry and calculations by automating forecasting. The tool provides sales teams with accurate and up-to-date estimates, making it easier to set targets and track success at the rep, team, and company levels.


Machine learning identifies the critical business factors driving sales projections, yielding rapid and actionable information which, with Opportunity Scoring, can be leveraged to quickly pursue the most valuable deals as well as address the most vulnerable ones.

Einstein Lead Scoring

This tool is meant to help your teams prioritize their time and focus their efforts on the most promising prospects by rating each of them on the probability that they will convert.


Einstein’s algorithms examine past leads that had successfully converted to determine which current leads have the most in common with them. Einstein gives you flexibility and control over which leads are included in the analysis so that you can remove those that you are certain to have no effect on lead quality. 

Einstein Opportunity Scoring

This feature operates in the same way as Einstein Lead Scoring does, except it concentrates on current prospects. It indicates the possibility that an opportunity will be won. Einstein shows you the elements that have contributed the most to each opportunity score, both favorably and negatively. This provides a more accurate view of which opportunities are likely to close, allowing them to direct their time and resources where they will have the greatest effect.

Einstein Opportunity Insights

This solution offers up important updates on each opportunity. It generates insights on client information, activity history, and provides predictive statistics. Sales teams also use its capabilities to forecast which offers are likely to be won and to receive follow-up reminders and immediate notifications when crucial moments in a negotiation occur. This enables teams to make better-educated judgments and clinch more business.

Einstein Email Insights

Sales teams can use this to get real-time data on the efficacy of their email marketing. The program monitors parameters including open rates, click-through rates, and reply rates, helping to fine-tune email communication.

Einstein Conversation Insights

This tool delivers extensive information on client interactions such as email, phone, and chat. It is used to get insights and trends from audio and video chats that have been recorded and analyzed for mentions of specified keywords and phrases. The tool helps you understand the customer’s point of view and identify opportunities for development.

Einstein Account Insights

This gives your team a complete picture of client account activities, covering intelligence on leads, prospects, and major business changes that influence customer relationships. This might be information regarding whether an account’s spending is increasing or shrinking, a change in corporate leadership, or if a merger or acquisition is on the horizon.  The point is to make it easier to maintain their relationships with customers. 

Einstein Automated Contacts

As the name suggests, this solution automates the task of creating and updating contact data by utilizing machine learning techniques. This saves your team time and lowers the chance of human error.

Recommended Connections

This tool suggests new relationships that might benefit your organization based on previous interactions, connections, and data from across the Salesforce platform. It generates actionable information about potential relationships to pursue, giving sales teams the data needed to grow their network and generate more income.

Einstein Activity Capture

Sales teams can use this to automatically track significant activities such as emails, calendar events, and notes. The tool correlates them with the appropriate accounts, contacts, and opportunities, providing a clear, accurate view of the sales funnel and client interactions. Consequently, sales representatives make more informed judgments and prioritize their time more efficiently.

Sales Cloud Einstein Pricing

At the time of writing, for $25 USD per user per month, you can add Inbox to Sales Cloud. This will give you both mobile and desktop apps, the Intelligent Sales Assistant feature, and also the Automatic Data Capture feature.


For $25 USD per user per month, you get the full Sales Cloud Einstein, with Lead and Opportunity Scoring, Opportunity and Account Insights, Predictive Forecasting, and Sales Analytics. This is in addition to the options you get by adding Inbox.


Sales Cloud Einstein is a powerful and sophisticated tool that can help organizations transform their business processes and improve performance. Bringing in an implementation partner like OMI will ensure you make the most of the features that automate and streamline your processes. Our extensive experience delivering Salesforce integration services for different types of companies guarantees you a seamless and smooth integration with your existing systems and processes, whether you’re looking to increase productivity and performance, or simply streamline your operations.


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