CRM Solutions for Sales

How Can Your Business Sell More with Salesforce?

At the very core, the prime objective of any business is to sell its services or product. And in today’s world, running sales with Excel spreadsheets is virtually impossible. There is relentless pressure on sales reps, with shrinking margins and increasing competition, to drive revenue. In their effort to succeed, most companies have turned to CRM solutions. But on its own CRM is not a recipe for immediate prosperity, it’s a tool that needs to be operated efficiently. Businesses that master it are the ones that see continuous growth and great sales.

Traditional Types of CRM Platforms

There is a magnitude of different CRM platforms on the market to consider, but all of them can be separated into two major groups:

  • on-premise systems;
  • on-demand (also referred to as subscription or cloud-based) systems.

While the first option provides the company with great customization options, it is remarkably expensive to set up. Not to mention the costs associated with in-house maintenance, upgrades, and scaling.

And scaling is one of the biggest concerns since it requires purchase and operation of additional hardware plus a significant amount of time to deploy it. On-premise systems have their merits, but it does not lie in the realm of sales, where any downtime is a lost opportunity and therefore lost revenue.

Cloud CRM solutions excel where on-premise platforms fail. The entire system is run from a single secure data center, and your business, to put it in simpler terms, pays the rent. No hardware setup or upkeep is necessary, which is a huge advantage for companies that do not possess huge IT departments or cannot afford to hire specialists for one.

Why Your Business Needs Salesforce Solutions

When it comes to sales, there is probably no better example of CRM than Salesforce. Everything from installing to support happens with no need for additional hardware or maintenance whatsoever. Businesses that utilize this particular system are free to scale or add functionality with just a few clicks. Also, all of the maintenance happens automatically. Any issue is investigated in a matter of minutes, preventing significant downtime and letting your organization continuously run business operations.

Salesforce is also very advantageous in terms of budget. In fact, over 90% of all SMB-type companies are already utilizing subscription-type business solutions, due to the cost flexibility. For large enterprises, cloud CRMs also bring a lot of benefits, mainly in terms of data synchronization in real time, which in turn provides great visibility and unification of large business infrastructures.

Apart from obvious cost and technical benefits, Salesforce can bring a more direct impact on the efficiency of your sales department. In this article, we’ve devised a list of 5 essential functionalities that can boost your sales.

Analytics & Real-Time Visibility

More data is good, it means more customer insights, but it also means more noise. With powerful analytics tools, your business can filter through vast fields of data, extracting the most valuable information about your clients.

In addition to that, cloud-based solutions with data integration provide your team with real-time visibility of business operation. Automatic syncing nullifies the possibility of data repetition or outdated information as well as provides immediate access on any device at any time.

Besides all that, with forecasting capabilities of predictive analytics, you can make informed decisions regarding your business’s future and invest resources while looking forward in time.

Online Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is probably the best form of marketing ever to exist. A happy customer will bring new referrals and will create great publicity with no additional effort from you. That is why improving customer service with things like web portals, where the customer can access quickly their order status is so effective.

You can easily integrate such online solutions with your CRM platform and boost customer service permanently.

Boost Collaboration

Collaboration cannot be overestimated in any organization. Salesforce allows you to collaborate with your partners, internally with your experts, and potentially even with customers. You’ll be able to establish strong teamwork across your entire company, expanding the number of experts involved in the sales cycle and doing so in an efficient manner without overcrowding the project.

Salesforce provides an extensive array of collaboration tools like Salesforce Chatter and numerous integrations with third-party applications.

Embrace Automation

The work day of a sales rep is too often filled with repetitive routine tasks. In fact, statistically, only a third of all work time goes to core selling. A CRM platform, such as Salesforce CRM platform allows you to take these duties out of your sales department hands and simply automate them. No more tedious data entry and trigger events such as follow-up emails will help your team to respond to potential prospects faster.

Segment Targeting

Not all of your customers are equal. Some prospects are more valuable to your business. With proper CRM setup, you’ll enable segment targeting, prioritizing the list of contacts and prospects in a hierarchical order according to various parameters like price, deadline and other.

Cloud CRM Solutions from OMI

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your CRM, it needs to be deployed and customized to work cohesively with your particular business model. It is important to get the right extensions and integrate the crucial points of your IT infrastructure for accelerated workflow. Here at OMI, we specialize in providing our customers with customized Salesforce solutions that perfectly align with your corporate requirements and empower you to utilize the business assets to their fullest. Discover the true value of Salesforce with OMI.