Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Perfect Choice for Business

Microsoft offers a great variety of features to help companies across various industries grow with its Dynamics 365 solution. But does it fit perfectly for businesses of all sizes? In this article, we will cover the key functionalities and benefits to see whether Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a good choice for SMBs (small and midsize businesses).

Why Use MS Dynamics 365 for Your Businesses

There is no way any company can survive in the modern business world without adopting and introducing the latest technology into their existing infrastructure. MS Dynamics aims to help small and medium-sized companies to get affordable yet efficient solutions that work for the benefit of both businesses and their customers. Here are the main reasons why every SMB should get MS Dynamics 365 for their own good.

Scalable Solution

Since the main goal of any SMB is to expand, such companies require a solution that can grow together with their business. MS Dynamics 365 allows you to start with basic functionality and add additional features when they are actually needed. As a result, you get only solutions you’ll use and don’t need to spend much money at the beginning to get your business going.

Flexible Pricing and Licensing Plans

Unlike large enterprises, SMBs care a lot about the price of the solutions and services they buy. As we’ve mentioned above, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for small and midsize businesses you only pay for what your company needs now. For instance, Dynamics 365 SMB pricing options currently include four different plans packed with various features needed to lead a successful business. The company also offers eight product licensing options aka MS Dynamics 365 modules for different types of business.

Valuable Business Insights

One of the platform’s main advantages is its ability to gather and analyze data from different sources to provide you with reliable information on your business’s current state. Dynamics reports can tell you all about your business performance, from customer satisfaction rates and support team efficiency to financial performance. Using this data, a company can make data-driven decisions and help businesses grow and evolve. According to the FinancesOnline report, CRM helps to improve customer relationships, increase sales rates, and enhance staff productivity by 74%, 65%, and 50%, respectively.

Simple Customization

Both companies and markets have their own specific requirements and demands. Once those requirements are changed, so should do your CRM system. Besides functionalities that can be added within MS Dynamics CRM, Microsoft’s marketplace called AppSource offers dozens of applications aimed to enhance the existing CRM.

Ease of Integration

Since MS Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution, there will be no extra infrastructure costs carried by the company when its management decides to introduce the CRM to their organization. Besides, the solution can easily be connected with the rest of the Microsoft products that you might already have installed. A seamless MS Dynamics integration process can be carried out by your tech specialists or a professional CRM services provider.

In-built Communication Tools

No matter whether your company has 20 or 200 employees, it’s important for all team members to stay in touch, especially during such times as now when most of the people are working from home due to the pandemic. MS Dynamics 365 for SMBs help your employees to communicate with one another and work more efficiently with the help of inbuilt communication tools. Your employees can set meetings, share data or simply send messages directly from the Dynamics dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an ultimate solution for SMBs that will never outgrow your business and will expand together with you. If you are ready to introduce new functionality to your company’s infrastructure, get in touch with the OMI specialists now. Our team will be glad to help you pick a plan and licensing option that is right for your business needs and goals.

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