CRM Updates for Business

4 Ways to Update Your CRM System With OMI

Having a well organized and up-to-date CRM system can significantly improve the relationship between your company and your client. It is important to keep in mind that no software or tool will remain useful and reliable forever unless they are updated as technology advances. That is why CRM optimization is one of the most crucial elements to the success of your business. In this article, we will cover five ways to improve your current CRM platform to ensure managed and stable workflows within the company.

Why Is It Important?

The benefits of a properly established CRM software are endless and keeping your CRM system up to date will allow for:

  1. Increased staff productivity
    Routine tasks are quick and easy to accomplish, which makes it possible for your employees to focus on key operations.
  2. Better relationships with clients
    Your service delivery process will improve, increasing your company’s reputation among customers. As a result, your sales and brand awareness will grow.
  3. Money and time savings
    Automation and integration provide employees with a single workspace and help to cut time and costs spent on manual tasks. Besides, this helps to reduce human errors.
  4. Valuable insights and analytics
    Your company can now make data-driven decisions based on the analytics and reporting gathered by the system in real-time.
  5. Enhanced security
    No data will be lost and no changes can be implemented to the information.

How to Update CRM Systems?

A properly managed CRM system helps to better understand your customers’ preferences and needs and deliver products or services they are actually looking for. It helps to enhance key business activities that result in sales growth and build trust for your company. Since the needs and mood of your customers change with time, so should happen with your internal process. There are several ways of CRM optimization process:


CRM data migration can be a complicated process and should be well thought out before any transfer of data or migration from current systems occurs. Thinking through what information is pertinent to your business will allow for a smooth transition without interruption to your daily workflow.


When mapping out your data and business processes it is important to segment areas such as customers, leads, contracts, notes, history and other custom information unique to managing your business. If done properly the migration will provide a holistic view of your business relationships from the start.


OMI’s CRM team are experts in leveraging best practices required for ensuring data transformation and quality assurance to your new CRM platform. We guarantee your new CRM will be business ready for end user adoption.


CRM integration is another complicated but yet valuable process that will help your company to create a single customer view.


Integration with the entire technology stack, whether it’s email, payment, ERP or POS systems, will help you deliver the right services or products to the right customers when they need it. Proper integration makes it simple to track customers’ data and interactions. Besides, you get valuable insights and real-time reporting to evaluate your current business model and adjust it to your clients’ behavior and requests.


Whether your company licenses on-premise or SaaS Cloud based CRM solutions, both systems will require professional assistance in architecting role-based access and data security. Remote attacks and malware are more common and pose a real threat to your data. So make sure you enable several layers of CRM security. Business units should be properly organized and users need to be assigned roles that provide access only to certain business relevant functions in the CRM. It is important to put the right change management workflows across record level and report historical data changes across the organization.

Training & onboarding

If you want your employees to use CRM software more effectively, make sure to provide them with CRM training. It will help your staff to discover key functionality and features of the system and utilize it for the benefit of the company. As a result, even non-technical users will know how to use the updated system to deliver better results.


Each of the above-mentioned options will help you improve overall business processes and relationships with your customers.


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Choosing the right CRM platform can be the difference in a meaningful return on investment or a frustrating experience with lack of user adoption. Following a disciplined plan with the above 5 recommendations will deliver greater results and minimize risks and errors in the setup process. Any CRM, no matter how modern it is, should be adjusted in accordance with your business goals to produce measurable outcomes. To learn more about OMI’s kick-start CRM optimization services, contact an OMI today! Our experts will be glad to assist you in choosing, implementing or ongoing maintenance associated with Salesforce and or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We Make CRM Work for your business!