Why Use MS Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management

Microsoft has been providing ultimate solutions to transform the way people do business across various industries for almost two decades. Logistics and supply chain management has not become an exception. The market size has grown by 12% over the past two years and is projected to reach 22 million U.S. dollars in revenue by the end of 2022. Industry-specific modules introduced within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for logistics and supply chain management can now be used by enterprises to streamline operations and drive their performance. In this article, we will cover the key features of the Microsoft supply chain management software aimed to provide the logistics industry with the flexibility it needs.

MS Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Module Overview

Microsoft introduced supply chain management software to help organizations unify data from multiple sources to detect challenges, find proper solutions, and prevent adversity, thus increasing the company’s competitive advantage. From result-oriented management features to the automation process enablement, MS Dynamics 365 offers its user robust functionalities aimed to maximize operational efficiency and enhance product and service quality.


  • Inventory Management
    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM inventory management feature enables optimization across inventory flow and handling and helps to increase your inventory transparency and visibility. Prevent stock-outs and overstocking to maintain the desired level of inventory responding to your needs.


  • Warehouse Management
    Companies can enable advanced warehouse management with MS Dynamics 365 to maximize their warehouse operational efficiency and improve cost management related to its maintenance. The integrated warehouse management system also helps to automate repetitive tasks, reduce the number of human errors, better plan the workforce, thus keeping your warehouse running 24/7 smoothly even during the peak times of the year.


  • Order Management
    Improve your order fulfillment and optimize your logistics to better respond to your customers’ demands. Enable efficient order processing to shorten the time between the order placement and its final delivery to increase your customer satisfaction rates.


  • Predictive Analysis
    With robust analytics and informative reporting, you can predict your customers’ demand and better plan your logistics and supply to ensure your customers’ needs are fulfilled. It also enables better resource and inventory planning to make sure you have everything you need for the production stage.


  • Automation
    Drive automation across the entire supply chain to streamline key processes and operations, as well as to save time and money. Optimize everything from workforce working hours to the use of space in your distribution centers. Reduce downtime and increase productivity.


  • IoT, AI, and Machine Learning Capabilities
    Take advantage of the latest technology to drive digital transformation across your organization. Receive meaningful data and recommendations on how it’s best to manage your operations and enable smarter decision-making with machine learning. Let your warehouse staff better manage your inventory with the help of IoT and AI, and much more.

Industry Challenges to Be Solved With Microsoft Supply Chain Software

Just like any other industry, the supply chain meets a great number of challenges on its way. Here are only a few of the market challenges that can be covered by the MS Dynamics 365 supply chain management tool.


  • Increased costs throughout the supply chain deprive the organization of the opportunity to grow and develop. It includes everything from the operational and maintenance costs to order fulfillment and delivery expenses. MS Dynamic 365 aims to optimize and decrease costs across the entire supply chain to help organizations get extra resources for further investment and improvement.


  • Constantly changing consumer demands is what drives businesses the most. One of the key goals of each business is to respond to these changing demands in the best possible and quickest way without compromising the quality of your products and services. This challenge can be solved with the automation of processes related to order processing, fulfillment, and delivery.


  • Outdated inventory management strategies adversely affect further organization development. For instance, due to stock-outs and overstocking your organization carries additional costs and losses. Microsoft supply chain management software introduces innovative solutions for inventory and warehouse management to optimize operations and enhance productivity.


  • Lack of actionable data decreases visibility across your organization’s performance. Thanks to the robust analytics and reporting capabilities by Microsoft, you get insights into your current business state and can make smarter data-driven decisions for the benefit of your organization.

Benefits of MS Dynamics for Supply Chain Management

It gets easier to create efficient supply chain management strategies with Microsoft solutions. By introducing MS Dynamics 365 supply chain management solutions to your organization, you take maximum advantage of the benefits for your business and can:


  1. Better meet constantly changing customer demands;
  2. Enable fast distribution planning;
  3. Increase transparency and visibility across the entire supply chain;
  4. Introduce efficient inventory management;
  5. Improve employees’ efficiency and productivity.

Integration with other MS Dynamics 365 Modules

Besides supply chain management, MS Dynamics 365 offers a great number of modules and apps aimed to cover a variety of business challenges across different industries. All of these modules can be easily integrated with the existing supply chain management software and complement its functionality to help enterprises gain competitive advantage. For instance, Dynamics 365 Field Service integration allows supply chain companies to keep better control over their tools, equipment, machines, and workforce.  Meanwhile, by integrating MS Dynamics 365 with the Power BI analytical service, businesses can get valuable insights into their performance and enable data-driven decision-making based on informative reports.

Drive Digital Transformation Across Your Supply Chain Operations With MS Solutions

If you want to optimize and unify processes and get a 360-degree view of your entire supply chain, invest in MS Dynamics supply chain software. Get in touch with the OMI specialists to learn more about our Microsoft Dynamics services. Our team will help you find and craft a perfect solution to cover your key needs and goals.

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