API Management Platform vs Integration Platform as a Service: Does the Enterprise Need Both?

Integration is what opens up opportunities for companies to expand their capabilities and improve their existing IT infrastructures. Both iPaaS and API management solutions were designed to serve separate purposes but aimed at the overall business success. In this article, we will compare Integration Platform as a Service vs API management platform to discover whether your business needs both.

What Is iPaaS?

Integration Platform as a Service or iPaaS is a cloud-based solution and a set of services used for integration, management, and governance of cloud applications. The iPaaS market size is projected to reach USD 2,998.3 million by the end of 2021. Enterprises use iPaaS to connect on-premise and SaaS applications, enabling their seamless integration and smooth performance. Integration flows can be easily developed and deployed between all of these different systems without the need to install and maintain additional hardware or software for each case.

The iPaaS Benefits

To succeed in the constantly changing business environment, enterprises need to adopt new technologies, solutions, and tools. iPaaS is aimed to make all of these solutions work perfectly together, thus bringing numerous benefits to companies:


  • Cost-efficiency
    With the iPaaS adoption, the need to hire in-house developers or purchase expensive equipment and additional software to integrate existing systems is eliminated. Most of the iPaaS solutions are using monthly or yearly subscription models, allowing companies to plan their expenses ahead and pay for the service gradually rather than investing a larger amount of money.


  • Scalability
    With the help of iPaaS, businesses can easily adopt new solutions needed for their growth without the need to think about another integration option. Whether your company wants to expand to new markets or meet new customer demands, the challenge will be covered by the iPaaS capabilities.


  • Business agility
    Being agile is one of the key requirements for modern businesses willing to gain a competitive edge. With the flexibility and speed of integration provided by the iPaaS, companies adjust their costs, drive performance, enable smart decision-making and rapidly change their IT environment.


  • Enhanced security
    Modern iPaaS were designed with strong security capabilities in mind. The solution is built to ensure security when data is transferred between the systems. It introduces such measures as fraud detection, security reports, access control and other features to make sure your data is safe and protected.

What Is API Management?

Application Programming Interface or API management is a set of processes, tasks, and tools used to keep control of the APIs connecting apps and data across the organization. Its key goal is to analyze and manage APIs efficiently, thus better responding to the changing customer needs.

What Is an API Platform and What Are Its Benefits?

An API management platform is a tool used for creating and managing API projects. The platform functionality includes analytics, access control, reporting, and other features to help organizations keep a better track of their APIs. When applying API management strategy, companies get:


  • Control centralization
    API platforms allow centralizing control of your APIs all the way from analytics and insightful reporting to access control and security. It helps to ensure that all of your APIs are accessible and secure.


  • Better API lifecycle management
    Oversee your APIs at every stage of their lifecycle, from development to deployment to ensure their high quality and performance.


  • Increasing agility
    Create new assets and services faster to cover your customers’ needs without compromising the quality of your service.


  • Data-driven decisions
    Make better business decisions related to your APIs based on insightful and informative reports.

Combining API Management vs Integration Strategies

Following both iPaaS and API management strategies to avoid any operational inefficiency and improve your business performance can become your one-stop solution for all of your business challenges related to integration. The API management approach based on the developer-centric needs and intelligent iPaaS infrastructures can help companies efficiently manage their workflows, thus providing services better covering their customers’ key needs.


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