Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Overview

For any business to do well, its success has to be based on happy customers. Satisfied clients tend to share their experiences. Unfortunately, this is even more true for disgruntled, unsatisfied customers. Many companies therefore quickly find that success is a double-edged sword. If the growth of the business is not properly supported, it can become quite damaging.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales offers a solution. It provides the answer to a variety of problems businesses face as they scale up. Particularly in the sales department, where, many will argue, it matters most.

In this article, we take a look at D365, what it is, where it fits in the grand scheme of things from the perspective of your business, and what benefits it has to offer. 

What is Dynamics 365 Sales?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a solution that provides businesses not just with a platform that helps them provide a better experience for their clients, but also gives the business the ability to draw insights from its data and use that to perform more in-depth analyses and even predict how revenue is likely to change. In general, the software is meant to help businesses, sales teams in particular, deliver personalized experiences to their clients on a large scale. The platform features tools to give a complete view of your customer at the individual level. 

When is Dynamics 365 Sales Useful?

This platform is a great fit for businesses with high volumes that need to manage relationships with their customers. With D365 Sales, your business has a holistic view of the entire sales pipeline. Detailed reporting and analysis capabilities enable you to determine the source of your leads, and identify what proportion of them are converting. You can also drill down into the details of each individual to help your team build closer, more meaningful relationships with your clients. 


It also helps reduce turnaround times throughout your teams as live data is instantly accessible across different departments and can immediately be actioned. This gives your reps the ability to quickly adapt their messaging based on, for instance, historical interactions with the client. Or to identify which client is a risky one to onboard. This instant access to information dashboards with current information ensures you eliminate inefficiencies across the pipeline and introduces greater cohesion into your business as a whole. Dynamics 365 Sales also makes it possible to analyze performance using historical reports to identify trends, strengths, and areas of weakness. 

How Does It Work?

At its core,  this solution helps businesses manage relationships with their clients. This is achieved using a combination of tools to automate certain processes, ensure that staff are complying with laid down procedures, and guarantees that information is readily available to the relevant people when they need it. This could be in the form of reminders, tasks, appointments, and more, all linked to data in the CRM repository that provides additional insights and context. 


D365 Sales works within the larger spectrum of Microsoft Dynamics 365. It can therefore be combined with other services within the suite to improve its functionality. Adding AI, for example, will enable you to extend the capabilities of D365 and add predictive analytics to many different aspects of the software. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Features & Capabilities

D365 Sales enables your clients to talk to you using the channels they are most comfortable with, while you view all these communications in one unified platform. 


With access to one unified store of information, staff from across your organization can benefit from having all the data organized in one place, with all the relevant context included to enable them to immediately familiarize themselves.


The platform also comes with an app that your reps can take into the field. It is available on the Apple App Store, as well as the Google Play Store.  


Rich insights give you helpful tips on the best courses of action based on a series of parameters. For example, the platform might suggest the most likely sale to close and recommend that you prioritize it. You might also be alerted to certain risks, like deals that have stagnated and may fall through, client relationships that are weakening, 


The store of data that accumulates provides a rich source of lessons learned and useful best practices that newcomers into your company can quickly learn and refer to when in doubt.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Better Sales Support

Every lead that comes in has a trove of information to support your sales rep and help them stand the best chance of closing the deal.

Better Customer Relationships  

By equipping your staff with the relevant knowledge and context, they have both the tools and the confidence needed to provide better service and forge a better understanding with the customer. 

Improved Staff Efficiency

By doing the heavy lifting for your sales reps, D365 enables your staff to focus on the more important aspect of the job – actually closing the deal. It also provides the reports that are necessary to review and improve operating practices.

Improved Operational Resilience

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales is based on a cloud platform. This means it is easily scalable and, unlike locally hosted servers, is safer, and not prone to technical failures.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Pricing

Dynamics 365 is module-based, meaning you can purchase just the products your business needs. So your particular setup will determine the licensing mix you end up settling on. 

In any case the Sales module has a tiered pricing structure:

  • Sales Professional starts from $65 per user/month.
  • Sales Enterprise starts from $95 per user/month
  • Sales Premium starts from $135 per user/month
  • Microsoft Relationship Sales starts from $162 per user/month

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with OMI

A first-class Dynamics consulting partner with over two decades’ worth of extensive experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions for different types of businesses, OMI has the expertise to help you implement the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your specific scenario, ensuring that the needs you set out translate into a fully functional system. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a powerful set of tools that can do wonders for your sales team and business as a whole. However, you have to ensure that your overall strategy is already in place and that you have a clear understanding of what your goals are and where you need the software to deliver. That way, implementation can be clear and the expectations will be clear and measurable.