Nimble CRM Sales Intelligence 5.0

Nimble CRM 5.0 Accelerate Relationship Engagement with a Newly Improved Contact Profile View

Nimble CRM brings a set of powerful enhancements centered on the CRM basics that dramatically improve team relationship management across the organization with the newly released Nimble 5.0.

Leading Organizations Invest in Sales Enablement Technologies

Empowering sales with the right tools and technology has proven to get results every time when approached with a focus on outcome-based objectives.

Setting the Stage for CRM Success

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is evolving, and is no longer a nice-to-have for today’s modern sales organization. Managing complex relationships across vendors, partners, customers, and leads has been challenging (to say the least) for most organizations who have never had to centralize a structured process around customer engagement, or those with good intentions who have tried and unfortunately failed to adopt technology around the most important asset any business can have: to assure repeat customers.

Before we discuss what we like about the Nimble CRM 5.0 release, it is important to understand why so many CRM projects do not succeed for companies. History has shown the number one reason CRM implementations fail is lack of sales and employee adoption, followed by loosely defined business requirements and no defined business outcome objectives associated with the CRM buying decision. Lastly, lack of cultural buy-in and the ability of the leadership team to articulate the vision of why CRM is critical to the future success of the organization.

What’s changed and why do you need a CRM now?

The customers are in control of the buying cycle.

Businesses no longer have the luxury to say, “oh well that did not work, let’s move on!” Managing relationships on spreadsheets or in email no longer cut it and are not scalable in today’s always on 24/7 market. Businesses must shift from managing records to managing relationships; this means near real-time visibility to customer history, purchases, and ongoing activity between both parties.

Organizing strategy and execution around key customer communications requires modern CRM technology to visualize relationships across the customer lifecycle. Customer-facing teams need tools to help them better manage sales outreach to easily connect and engage with clients in order to scale repeatable processes that are working.

A well-designed CRM with defined business outcomes, a clear company vision, and a structured path for adoption that will ensure your CRM investment will succeed and maximize your return on customer relationship management.

What OMI likes about the Nimble CRM. 5.0 Release

#1 Interactions

Nimble provides a single view of customers via activities, notes, messages, and opportunities from the main contact view. Customer-facing teams can manage contacts and leads with confidence, combining calendars via Office 365 and Google Accounts without having to toggle between other platforms.

Nimble Contact Profile


#2 Data Fields

Data fields allow for customization of the Nimble platform for additional fields and layouts that match your exact business needs. The modification and addition of field types such as drop down, text, and other field types are easily created and maintained by non-technical resources.


Nimble Custom Data Fields

#3 Company Information

Nimble serves up relevant information about the contact’s company information. Sales and customer service teams can easily research company profiles and additional information required in keeping abreast of customer events, news, and important changes that impact overall relationships.


Nimble Company Profile

#4 Contact Social Engagement + Awareness

Nimble’s Social Signals keep the sales team engaged with customers and prospects across social platforms. Customer-facing teams can engage with a post, or direct message customers when appropriate — right from the contact record in Nimble.

Nimble Social Profile Activity

#5  Integrations on Contact Record

Nimble easily accommodates integration to third-party data critical to marketing and sales cadence platforms such as 366 Degrees. The interface provides live interactions with customers occuring outside Nimble right in the contact and lead views. Sales can automate sales drips, cadences, and marketing campaigns directly from the Nimble platform with the click of a button.

Nimble Integrations 366 Degrees

366 Degrees Engagement Activity

#6 File Sharing

Nimble integrates with leading file management and document folders like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox; allowing our team to share relevant documents associated with customers or related to opportunities.

Nimble File Management


The Nimble 5.0 enhancements have combined a modern user interface with a single view for customer-facing teams to manage customers and all activities from the contact record.

Nimble’s approach to relationship engagement vs. traditional CRM is where modern sales organizations must move. Nimble 5.0 offers several new enhancements to Microsoft’s Power BI platform to make custom reporting across different data points much easier, making Nimble attractive for larger organizations with unique integration needs. The seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, and Google for Work is a plus for organizations adopting CRM and moving away from email-based customer management.

Adopting CRM with Nimble 5.0 has a strong value proposition for customers currently on Office 365, or looking to purchase a CRM for the first time. For teams under ten users, Nimble can be installed and add value in less than a week; and for larger teams (50 users and over) in less than 30 days with minimal customization. Nimble offers a free 14-day trial, and their price point is more than competitive for a small-to-midsize enterprise.