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OMI and Flowgear Deliver Powerful Integrations across SaaS Platforms

At OMI, we strive to connect our clients with industry-leading solutions to fully leverage their investment in their SaaS stack. From marketing automation integration, to Salesforce consultation and CRM implementation, we help businesses fully realize the value of their sales and marketing investments. In an effort to help our clients streamline their technology stack, we have partnered with Flowgear to deliver powerful code-free integrations through API’s all from a single interface.

Flowgear engages over 200 applications through its drag and drop workflows to create enterprise-grade integrations in the business process. Flowgear is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses overcome data silos through application, data and API connection. Flowgear hosts a collection of pre-made workflow templates to instantly connect your SaaS investments together. They also allow for the creation of custom connections through their software development kit.

All of Flowgear’s connectors are reusable, saving your team time and energy in implementation. Flowgear operates under the iPaaS mode, as an integration platform as a service, which enables connection of cloud and on premise systems. This cloud-facing interface also means that does not require special infrastructure or technical training to manage.

We at OMI focus on maximizing investment in CRM, marketing and support services to drive digital transformation for your brand. Much of our CRM expertise focuses around platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and we are proud to offer Flowgear solutions with these platform implementations to prevent data silos and streamline your stack.

Connecting your CRM with your other applications is now easier than ever before. Paired with custom infrastructure and business intelligence expertise, we can build out your technology to work for your business. We aim to be customer-focused and drive value for your organization. If you are aiming to connect your digital investments and build out a process that works for you, please reach out. 

With our partners at Flowgear, we can create an integrated tech ecosystem, custom built for your team. With our 20+ years of CRM, data analytics, and business intelligence knowledge, paired with Flowgear’s 100% scalable and agile architecture, we will make your technology stack work for you.

Save money, time and energy with OMI + Flowgear.

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