Salesforce Customer 360: A Complete Guide

The perception your client base has of your brand plays a very pivotal role in how well your business ends up doing in the long-run. As a result, companies are constantly adapting and improving – continuously endeavoring to place the customer at the center of their operational setup. This means that every activity, whether it is in sales, marketing, IT, or any other department, should be pointed towards improving the customer’s experience with your brand.


To achieve this, many organizations deploy CRM software. If the implementation is successful, the end result should be a system that pulls your resources together to enable you to serve your clientele better.


Salesforce Customer 360 is intended to achieve just that. So here, we take a look at the Salesforce C360 package, what features it has to offer, and how businesses benefit from a successful implementation of the solution.

What is Salesforce Customer 360?

Customer 360 is a Salesforce product that helps you enable your teams from different departments to access shared information about your customers. This means data from marketing operations, for example, is fed into the system and sales representatives can use it to help them close deals. Closed deals can help you set up loyalty programs that, by making them repeat buyers, help you increase the value you get out of your customer for the duration of your relationship. In general, the point is to use data to serve your customers better experiences and improve their perception of your brand.

Why Should Your Business Use Customer 360?

Among the biggest challenges for strategists in business today is the fact that they serve a client base that has different patterns of behavior and various interests. In order to capture leads, they need to carry out marketing efforts on different platforms. The result is that data is fragmented and has to be collated from different platforms, making it difficult to have an overarching perspective of your business, and to subsequently implement a cohesive strategy that captures all your clients. 


Customer 360 combines data from different platforms into a single view that can be shared by different departments. This gives staff fulfilling various roles a more complete, more current, shared view of the client. This information is enriched with insights based on the history of your business’ interaction with the client.


The platform also improves communication between your departments. By giving them access to live data, they can coordinate efforts better, confident in the knowledge that they are working off of current, accurate information.

Key Features of Salesforce Customer 360

The crucial capability that Customer 360 possesses is its ability to unify different functions in one centralized view. So users from different departments can all take advantage of this shared perspective. Here are some of the key components the complete solution has:


Enables you to synchronize your teams around the customer. You can integrate data and analytics to give you insight into every step of the client’s journey.


Gives your staff the tools to enable them to provide best-in-class service. With features like case management, a knowledge base of known solutions, call center management, analytics and automation, and more, your staff are able to resolve issues and close cases quickly.


Marketing Cloud is designed to help you create personalized journeys by setting automation for your marketing, giving you better analytics and AI-powered interactions to make every encounter feel personal for your client.


For the businesses that need a digital storefront, Commerce provides the functionality needed to easily set up an ecommerce platform that you can connect to the marketing, sales, and service  modules in order to offer your customers personalized experiences. 


Data analytics is  meant to help you make more informed decisions by serving you real-time information and enabling you to quickly share data and collaborate with other teams. With notifications for the metrics that are most important to you, you always stay in the know and respond in time whenever you need to.

Salesforce Customer 360 Components

Customer 360 Identity

This is a solution that provides functionality that gives you control over how your users connect with your businesses. It manages logins, registrations, ID verification, and provides the ability to sign in once and access your web pages and apps.

Customer 360 Data Manager

This is a solution that brings together all your organization’s information system data pertaining to a single customer into one place. Any cases, orders, and other relevant info is immediately accessible to your staff so that they don’t have to switch between different modules to view different facets of the customer’s data.

Customer 360 Audiences

Audiences helps you identify your customers on disparate platforms and unifies this fragmented information into a single view. This enables you to streamline your efforts, and correctly identify your customer as a unique individual on different services and platforms, all while respecting privacy rules.

Customer 360 Privacy Center

Privacy center enables you to manage all of your customer’s data from one location. This means you can take a single action that will be reflected across all your platforms. The ability to do this is particularly convenient when there are changes to privacy laws or your client changes their preferences.

Salesforce Customer 360 Pricing

One of the most convenient features of Salesforce is that it gives you the ability to customize your solution according to your needs. So you only pay for the modules you need. Each module also has a tiered pricing structure. 


Sales Cloud, for instance, starts at $25 per user per month for the Essentials edition, and the Unlimited edition is currently priced at $300. Between them, there are the Professional and Enterprise editions, costing $75 and $150 per user per month, respectively. 

You would be best served finding a mix that works for your needs and implementing a customized solution.

Benefits of Implementing Salesforce Customer 360

The goal of this platform is to give you the ability to satisfy your customers’ needs, particularly on the service front. You can be sure your business is positioned to offer the best level of service to each and every one of your customers at the individual level. It also provides you with timely information to help you ensure that you are able to respond immediately to changes, and all of your teams are on the same page.


If you have a business model that places the customer at the center, you dramatically improve your chances of success. Using Salesforce Customer 360, you can ensure all your staff, operations, and technology are optimized to give you a vastly improved experience in a way that is scalable and sustainable for your business.

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