Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a raft of features for different elements of your business activities. It is a platform designed to enhance the management of operations and make it easier for you to focus on the aspects of your business that actually generate value. The software platform offers solutions for sales, marketing, finance, supply, and others. One of the business applications that Dynamics 365 offers is the Dynamics for HR solution, Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

D365 Human Resources is designed to help your HR department improve its operations. Ideally this should result in greater overall productivity from your workforce, improved job satisfaction amongst your employees, and an improvement in the efficiency of your HR department, as well as its ability to do even more.

When Is Dynamics 365 Human Resources Useful?

Since the success of any organization is completely dependent on the ability of its employees to deliver, Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a great fit for any company that wishes to streamline its HR operations. Naturally, this means it provides the most benefit for those organizations with a fairly large workforce. Any organization where there is a significant amount of manpower and time spent on HR management would benefit from the tools that this platform offers. 

How Does Dynamics 365 HR Work?

At the top level, D365 HR gives an organization the ability to manage its employees needs in a structured way. This is done by granting employees the autonomy to perform certain tasks themselves without the intervention of HR personnel. It helps the organization as a whole to motivate their staff by recognizing and rewarding achievements, offering development programs and tracking progress, and getting feedback from them to help foster a better work environment. It also reduces the load on HR staff by providing tools to automate tasks, help with payroll, budgets, taxes, and tools to manage leave and absences.

D365 Human Resources Features

Employee Self Service

This enables employees to view the information related to their profile on their own without having to request it from HR. They can view how much time off they have taken, their performance management information, their qualifications and competencies, benefits and remuneration, and other information.

Personnel Management

HR staff can view relevant information pertaining to employees, including being able to see at a glance what vacancies there are, which positions will soon become open, and which ones have recently been filled. They can view analytics, be notified of expiring records, and track things like address changes, injuries and illnesses, and many other items.

Task Management

With Task Management, HR staff can easily view a checklist related to a certain process. This helps ensure that the company stays compliant with regulations when, for instance, hiring a new employee, switching someone from role to another, or letting an existing employee go.

Leave And Absence

With this feature, HR personnel can plan better for absences and enable company employees to see relevant information before making leave requests. Apart from managing absences, HR staff can enable workers to buy and sell their leave days according to the company policy.


Here, workers can see whether they qualify and sign up for benefits like medical insurance or reserved parking. They can see the duration of the said benefits and who is covered – immediate family for example. 

Compensation Management

Compensation Management is used to help HR manage remuneration for employees. This may be fixed or might be calculated based on different factors. The software helps HR staff ensure they do not miss things like bonus payments, or performance-related rewards.

Employee Development

Employee development involves tracking the performance of employees, and reviewing it against goals that have been set. 


You can also set up training programs within the software. You can enroll employees in the programs with things like deadlines and venues and create course descriptions. Employees can then access this information using their own access into the platform.

Benefits Of Integrating Dynamics 365 Human Resources With OMI

With the wealth of experience and technical expertise that OMI offers, you can benefit from over two decades’ worth of experience to ensure you get a solution that fits your specific needs and will meet your requirements. Such a solution typically needs some tweaking to get it optimized for your setup. As partners of Microsoft, Salesforce, Stripe, Flowgear and many more, working with OMI assures you that the solution you get is the one that best accomplishes your stated goals.


Given that the biggest asset a business has is its staff, it only makes sense to ensure that this resource is well-developed and managed. The Microsoft Dynamics365 HR system provides a set of tools to help you do just that. However, with every organization having its own unique setup, preferences, organizational structure, and strategic needs, it is important to have proven experts assist you in getting the software set up and optimized for your usage scenario.

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