Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: How It Helps Businesses

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Overview By OMI

Every business owes its success to its clients. The companies that keep their clients happy are therefore at the front of every industry. Keeping clients satisfied is an ongoing activity that requires constant evolution on the part of the business, detailed awareness of the customer’s needs, as well as active cultivation of these client relationships.


For this reason, having the tools that enable a business to stay in touch with its customers’ desires should be a strategic priority. This is particularly true for the financial services industry, where attention to detail, speed of service delivery, and trust from the customer are especially crucial.

What is Financial Services Cloud?

In general, the Salesforce CRM provides tools to help businesses connect better with their client base and manage business operations with greater efficiency. It also puts the business in a position to quickly adapt to changes. Services within the CRM, like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, offer features to help you improve customer loyalty and strengthen engagement. 


With Sales Cloud, you can manage contacts in a way that enables you to offer personalized experiences, track and predict sales, and automate certain operations to make better use of skilled staff.  


Services Cloud levels up your services delivery. You can manage call centers, customer interactions on different channels, automate responses with AI, and manage your communications on different channels in a single view. All these are features that any business could take advantage of to improve its competitive edge.


Salesforce FSC is a solution that builds upon this platform to offer additional capabilities that are specifically meant to serve the financial services industry. It is essentially all of the powerful features that come with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, but with additional functionality that is meant to help financial services teams scale up their ability to provide personalized advice.

Financial Services Cloud Features

The financial services industry is a fast-moving one. Institutions that provide loans, financial advice, or insurance companies don’t typically have the luxury of flexible deadlines. Quick turnaround times and efficient service are not a competitive advantage, they are the norm. The most successful businesses are the ones that are able to maintain this standard of service delivery at scale. This is where Salesforce FS Cloud’s features become a real asset.

Create Profiles of Your Clients

Salesforce FC comes with features that enable you to represent your clients’ accounts, their assets, liabilities to create a complete model of their financial profile within the platform. For Insurance companies, they can model claims, policies, and other insurance-related data for individual clients, groups and commercial entities. 

Specially Designed Dashboards, Relationships And Console Apps

There are dashboards and console apps designed to enhance the workflows of people in specific roles. These will provide insights and tools to improve the productivity of team members with different layouts optimized for certain team members. Different views can be restricted to certain roles or teams. 


This information is shared on an as-needed basis across the organization with document and approval tracking where required. This improves the efficiency of different departments and ensures the company as a whole is making the most of the data available to it.

Smart Alerts and Notifications 

Even with rich insights and productivity tools enhancing responsiveness, it is important to be able to go a step further and proactively reach out to clients. Salesforce financial services cloud solutions provide reminders that enable you to reach out to clients at the right time.

Automated Workflows for FSC 

Using what is known as Lightning Flows, you can speed up responses to the most common requests. These might be things such as changes in account details, like a change in a client’s address for example, or in insurance, receiving claims. This not only simplifies, speeds up, and improves the customer’s experience, it frees up your staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

Team Management 

To improve efficiency and team performance, Salesforce FSC offers tools to model branches and team members and track performance. 

Compliance Features

In the financial services sector, compliance is a primary concern. Neglecting this aspect of the business can have dire consequences, financial and otherwise. Personal data laws, for example, are strictly enforced. Having the software take care of access privileges related to client data takes a huge load off management. There are other features that manage the processes of getting consent and sharing data with third parties, and also summarize interactions in a way that is compliant with regulations.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce FSC?

Salesforce FSC helps businesses scale up the delivery of experiences that foster customer loyalty. By improving the customer experience, taking the initiative in customer interactions, companies are able to increase their competitive advantage.


By aggregating data, the platform enables you to gain more insights, eliminate bottlenecks and add value to the services you provide to clients across the entire business. This allows for a more seamless customer experience and greater cohesion between departments and results in better performance across the board. 


A single view of your customer data means that staff members spend less time switching between third-party solutions and massaging data into a usable format in different applications. Teams can access data from one central location, presented and optimized to ensure they are making efficient use of their time and resources. 


Failure to comply can have expensive consequences in these and many other sectors. Being able to free staff from the burden of manually performing these tasks frees them up to focus more on activities that grow the business, and reduce the risk of human error.


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud offers a platform that helps you scale up quality service delivery, build, manage, and strengthen relationships with your customer base, and helps ensure you stay compliant in the course of your operations. You can also take advantage of the dashboards, insights, and reports to analyze your departments’ and team members’ performance to help your company constantly improve.

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