Salesforce Health Cloud Overview: Discovering Salesforce Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Salesforce Health Cloud Overview

Salesforce creates a variety of solutions tailored to industry-specific needs. Salesforce Health Cloud is a cloud-based service aimed at introducing digital innovation in the healthcare industry. In this article, we will explain what Health Cloud in Salesforce is and review its key features and benefits.

What Is Health Cloud in Salesforce?

Any industry requires smart digital solutions to succeed and evolve. Salesforce Health Cloud helps healthcare and life science companies including payers, providers, pharmaceutical, and MedTech organizations to drive their performance and revenues. The solution unites patients, healthcare providers, and top management organizations via a single system providing 360-degree of the healthcare industry.

Salesforce Health Cloud Features

Let’s dive deep into the features of the Salesforce solution for the healthcare industry. All of the features can be divided into five groups:


  • View of patient data
    Visualize and track the events that affect patients with the help of the Health Timeline solution. Create and edit informative patient profiles to provide healthcare professionals with complete data on their patients’ history. Create Care Teams to unite personal and professional caregivers and help patients fulfill their treatment plans.


  • Smart patient and member management
    Caregivers get access to a Today screen view where they can see all of the tasks scheduled for today. It allows making smarter decisions and planning your day ahead of time. It is also possible to enable patient segmentation and send out notifications and messages to different groups of patients.


  • Personalized patient experience
    Enable live chats to provide immediate support for your patients when needed. Set up a self-service option to help patients find answers to their questions faster. Enable Social Customer Service to create cases and delegate them to the relevant specialist.


  • Advanced analytics and real-time reports
    Get valuable insights into your organization’s performance to make more consistent data-driven decisions. Make the most of customizable reports and advanced analytics to get the information you need.


  • Customization and automation
    Enable automation across the entire organization to free up time and cut operational costs. From email system to app integration solution, connect tools you need to fulfill your daily tasks. Customize dashboards and templates to deliver better experiences both for professionals and individuals.

How Is Salesforce Used in Healthcare?

Salesforce Health Cloud can be used by healthcare and life science companies of any size for a great variety of purposes. For instance, Salesforce solutions can be used to track the entire patients’ history and develop their care plans. It also helps to connect healthcare professionals to coordinate their key activities. On the other hand, Health Cloud can be applied by medical device manufacturers to decrease time-to-market, as well as improve their products based on gathered and analyzed data. 

The Benefits of Salesforce for Healthcare

Every organization in the healthcare and life science industry, from governmental health system providers to medical device manufacturers, can benefit from Salesforce Health Cloud in several ways:


  • 360-degree view of patients’ records allows getting complete information on the patient’s health and treatment history and delivering better patient experiences.


  • Valuable insights into patient data drive a more consistent and data-proven decision-making process and help organizations take maximum advantage of the generated and collected information.   


  • Enhanced collaboration between patients and care providers helps patients get the support they need faster and receive more thought-through care and treatment plans tailored to their key needs. 


  • Enhanced data security allows both organizations and patience to be sure that their corporate and personal information is safe.


  • Eliminate human errors by automating repetitive and routine tasks.


  • Eliminate inefficient EMR systems and replace them with more efficient data-driven digital solutions and tools.

Health Cloud Salesforce Pricing

Salesforce offers two Health Cloud editions: Enterprise and Unlimited. The price for the Enterprise edition is $300 per user/month and is paid annually. The price for the Unlimited edition starts at $450 per user/month and is billed annually. You can find a complete edition comparison chart on the official website here.

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