Business Workflow Automation and Its Benefits with the airSlate Platform for CRM

Business Workflow Automation and Its Benefits in Terms of CRM

CRM platforms are one of the most powerful and efficient tools that can be used by companies of all sizes to achieve better performance and end results. With the constantly changing market requirement and growing competition, companies should optimize their existing business processes to gain a competitive edge. In this article, we will talk about business workflow automation in terms of CRM to explain how it can help your company maximize your customer-facing activities.

What is CRM Workflow Automation?

Let’s start with the basics. Workflow automation is an intelligent way to streamline your organization’s processes and operations to achieve better end results, reduce time spent, and lower cost. CRM workflow automation allows automating numerous repetitive tasks, thus giving your marketing and sales teams more opportunities and time to work on more important tasks aimed at driving sales. Instead of human interaction, CRM workflow automation introduced a platform to run all of these tasks through its centralized system. 

CRM Workflow Examples

Customer relationship management is supported by numerous tasks distributed across different teams. All of these tasks can be divided into three main types of CRM workflows that can be automated:


  • Account management
    Account managers are responsible for providing active customers with ongoing support and retaining them. Account management automation allows managers to get a notification once contracts are near their expiration date, send messages to specialists responsible for retaining highly valuable customers, automatically send emails with new offers and opportunities, and much more. There are several other important processes that can be automated for the benefit of account management: 


    • Sales quotation process 

Sales quotation is a complex process that requires full attention from sales managers. To simplify and streamline this process, managers can use workflow automation tools. You can create a more precise quote supported by the information from the product catalogs and pricing books via a single platform. 


    • Contract management and e-signatures

Workflow automation solutions help account managers to negotiate and sign contracts faster. Managers can use a single platform to create, edit, and e-sign contracts with their business partners and customers in real time. It is also possible to enable notifications to track contract execution and expiration dates.


  • Sales processes & Order management
    Both sales managers and sales representatives have everyday tasks that can be easily automated, thus eliminating any human interactions. For instance, sales managers need to keep control of their sales reps and provide education for their teams to improve their professional skills. Instead of making everyday appointments, sales managers can provide salespeople with access to training materials via a single dashboard. Meanwhile, automation tools can help sales reps create email templates and follow-ups that will be sent out to customers automatically, as well as track and fulfill orders via a single platform.   


  • Customer support
    Responding to your customers’ requests and issues quickly and efficiently is one of the most important aspects of customer relationship management. With the help of workflow automation, customer support teams can address issues to the right specialist and notify relevant managers, change the client’s request status, and keep track of the problem-solving process.

The Benefits Of Business Process Automation for CRM Workflows

Business process and CRM workflow automation is a smart way to invest your company’s resources into future business success. These are key benefits any organization can get when introducing automation into their business:


  • Improved team productivity and performance
    In addition to causing employees stress, routine processes also take up valuable time that can be spent on more valuable tasks. By introducing CRM workflow automation, sales and marketing teams become more satisfied and efficient, thus better reaching out their goals and KPIs.


  • Decreased number of human errors
    By automating repetitive tasks, workflow automation systems allow significantly decreasing the number of human errors, or, in some cases, eliminating them completely.  


  • Reduced costs and time spent
    Reduce product time-to-market and optimize existing business processes and workflows to cut the costs on automation deployment and free up your employees’ time.


  • Increased customer satisfaction
    Provide your customers with relevant information at the right time and place, as well as efficient support to keep them satisfied.


  • Efficient lead nurturing
    Regular follow-up and timely responses can significantly improve your lead nurturing processes. With automated emails and notifications, you decrease the number of mistakes that can happen during the communication process between your sales reps and potential customers.


  • Enhanced integration and communication between departments
    Keeping records, sharing important details and reports across the departments help your sales and marketing teams grow professionally and get all the information they need to better reach out to your customers.

CRM Workflow Automation Tools

The modern world of technology provides companies with a variety of opportunities to grow their businesses. CRM workflow automation tools are powerful solutions aimed at making your company’s life easier. All you need to do is to pick the tool that is right for your business needs and key goals. One of the OMI’s partners, airSlate, introduces a no-code business automation platform that companies can leverage to automate and integrate existing business processes via a single system. Solutions created by airSlate can be easily integrated with Salesforce and MS Dynamics 365 CRM systems, as well as NetSuite ERP platform to maximize your investment into the business process automation. From online document generation and robust analytics to e-signatures and automated payments, airSlate helps non-technical users streamline routing tasks and set up every business process the right way.  

Final Thoughts

Take your business to the next level with CRM workflow automation tools. If you are looking for a perfect solution to meet your business needs and challenges, get in touch with the OMI specialists. Our experienced CRM service consultants will dive deep into your business processes to come up with a proven strategy for their improvement.

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