Nimble-Google Integrations

Unified IT Infrastructure with Nimble CRM

The importance of social business integrations cannot be overrated in the today’s business environment. Having a single IT infrastructure that works flawlessly and facilitates your workflow can very well be the difference between success and failure. And very often, having one application that doesn’t fit into your existing system can be a real liability, causing delays, misinformation and simply being a nuisance.

Seamless integration is, one of the first aspects, that is considered when choosing a CRM platform for your business. So, today we are discussing the Nimble social CRM integration capabilities with PieSync and how the 2-way contact syncing functionality can accelerate the workflow at your company.

What is PieSync

PieSync is a business application that lets you synchronize your current Google Contacts with Nimble Contacts. It works perfectly for both individual use and team collaboration. One of the main advantages of this system is its innate capability to automatically update your Google data into the Nimble CRM platform.

Apart from Google applications, PieSync can establish a 2-way contact syncing with other numerous apps and services such as Microsoft Outlook for example.

Nowadays, many organizations have already switched to cloud-storage and paperless office solutions such as Google Docs. So the solution like PieSync makes a lot of sense, since it facilitates already existing workflow, rather than forcing you to change it.

What is 2-Way Synchronization?

In simplest terms, is a medium for connecting two parts of your IT infrastructure without any need for custom integrations. In some cases, custom integrations were lacking a significant aspect – real-time syncing and therefore required some amount of manual work and updates.

Also, traditional software integrations are a 1-way communication, which means that it sends data from one app to another, but not vice versa.

Benefits of Nimble-Google Integration

Nimble is customer relationship management software that focuses on social interaction in addition to traditional CRM functionalities. It works to bring social relevancy into the context of communication.

Now with Google integration via PieSync, Nimble Social CRM gains new more accurate profiling of your contacts. Furthermore, with reight IT team behind you, who can provide best CRM customization services, you can further enhance your platform with more capabilities.

Main benefits of such marketing solution are:

  • No more manual data entry. First of all, manual data entry is time-consuming. Second, it gives room for generic human-errors. When we are talking about customer data, the last thing you’d want is to mistype client’s name. With 2-way syncing, your average worker can save up to 25 hours a month. Which is about 3 working days that go down the drain, simply because of manual work that can be done in seconds, when automated.
  • Continuous syncing. Syncing your data is key to an optimal customer service experience! One of the most effective ways to provide a seamless customer service experience is to make sure your team teams have a complete view of all of your customers.
  • Analytics and marketing data. One of the main roles that any integration plays is a seamless data flow. With a data-driven, bidirectional integration any change will be automatically updated across the entire organization. This way you can now connect both custom and analytics fields into Nimble.
  • Data consistency. Suppose your sales team has one phone number for a potential prospect, while your marketing team has another. Which one do you use? Or perhaps one of your employees typed the customer’s name as “John”, while another put it as “Jon”. How do you address him? Data syncing lets you keep everything consistent, providing a single database with most up-to-date information.
  • Syncing your finance contacts. Another useful integration use case is to sync contacts and account from your finance system into Nimble. This is crucial for any product-company, although it also can very well be used in a service-provider type of business model. Through a data-driven integration, your finance system can be connected to the CRM platform allowing both sales and account management teams to view records and evaluate further strategy.

Ultimately it Cuts Costs

Every business is looking forward to cutting down its production costs in order to maximize profits. This is why the implementation of 2-way integration makes perfect sense from a business standpoint as well. Maximizing efficiency and productivity of your workforce is perhaps the simplest way to improve your ROI.

Data integration and visibility of this data increase the value of any business practices, no matter how small or large the organization is. Data synchronization solutions tend to move and integrate data frequently, sometimes multiple times a business day. This increases the freshness or currency of data in applications. Data isn’t merely more complete; it’s also more current.

Social CRM like Nimble is a perfect option for small and medium-sized businesses that wish to rapidly expand their operations and establish brand awareness through the means of social media.
But why should you consider Nimble over other social CRMs?

Nimbel CRM reviewes are outstanding all throughout. It has been recieveing awards for the best CRM and great customer satisfaction few years in a row by industry’s most truysted review sites. Moreoverm Nimble CRM pricing is great for both small businesses and large entrprises alike. 

Nimble Social CRM Solutions by OMI

All in all, data integration via solutions such as PieSync is a great enhancement of the Nimble CRM. If your company is interested in establishing an efficient custom 2-way communication that will provide a complete view over the contact database and continuous syncing that improves your current IT infrastructure than you can contact us at OMI

With our expertise, you will have full control over your contacts and how they are managed. And one the integration is complete, our technological solution will do all the tough work for you.