Salesforce Artificial Intelligence App

Salesforce Einstein Implementation – New AI for your CRM Platform

The dream of artificial intelligence is looking more and more like reality with each month passing. Now it’s time for Salesforce users to have a taste of the first AI platform, specifically designed to complement the most advanced CRM system in the world.

The initial release of Salesforce Einstein occurred in spring 2017. As with almost any ambitious projects like this, it was gaining a lot of attention but, due to the overhype in media, it didn’t live up to the promise on the day one. Not many people realize how machine learning actually works and therefore some expectations were just plainly unrealistic.

The benefits of Salesforce Einstein are not that obvious immediately, since when we hear code phrase artificial intelligence, usually we visualize something like Skynet or Hall-9,000. A talking machine that takes care of all hard work.

But in this article, we’ll try to show you how realistically your business can leverage Einstein AI platform in the context of running a business.

New Predictive Analytics Solutions for Sales & Marketing

Salesforce was the CRM that revolutionized analytics for businesses, allowing you to access role-specific data insights and KPIs. New Salesforce Einstein applications are aimed to turn the game upside-down one more time with brand new enhanced machine learning tools. Now users can use self-service features to drill into the real-time data and access most relevant information as well as accurate forecasts.

Sales Cloud

The world of sales was always among most competitive, it is no wonder that most efficient salespeople leverage technology to identify ideal customer profiles. Well, with Salesforce Einstein analytics you can become more productive managing time and the most profitable engagements. The system keeps track of your customer data and creates smart recommendations, saving you time and money. While, the new lead scoring is a great example of how technology can take a sales rep performance and boost it to new heights.  Based on your customer history and past deals, Einstein automatically scores your leads for you, which in turn allows your team to target prospects more effectively and faster.

Apart from lead scoring Sales Cloud that utilizes new AI provides you with insights into your opportunities and accounts. This helps you work faster and smarter, as customer list is automatically prioritized. And the best of all, the more you use Einstein platform, the better it becomes.

Service Cloud

If you are utilizing Service Cloud, then customer satisfaction is the most important KPI that trumps anything else. And customer data is a key player that can very much determine your business’s future. Any client’s issue needs to be solved as quickly as possible and your employees will spend valuable time in search of the solution. It is not uncommon that this problem has happened before, but still, you will look through numerous articles and forum threads trying to find something that should right in your database.

This is where Salesforce Einstein comes into play. All of you past cases that are similar will be organized in bulk, allowing you to find the solution in no time. The simplest example would be if a product isn’t working as expected then Service Cloud will automatically direct you to all past cases involving that product alongside with instructions on how to resolve most common or similar issues. Furthermore, predictive solutions in Salesforce Einstein give your reps estimations and prioritization of customer routing. Same as with any other AI platform, the more you use Service Cloud AI, the better it becomes.

Other Features of Artificial Intelligence App

Among other, more universal features, some are worth mentioning.

  • Einstein Activity Capture. The so-called “secret sauce” of the AI platform, this feature automatically maps email and calendar data and assigns it to the accounts without any involvement from reps.
  • Einstein Automated Contacts. The feature improves upon CRM data structure, making contacts and contact role records more accessible and automatically organized.
  • Einstein Opportunity Scoring. The opportunity scoring is sometimes referred to as sanity check for sales reps. The process is used to make sure that your team is moving in right direction and targets right prospects. With Salesforce Einstein even this aspect becomes fully automated, giving tour sales department most comprehensive data on the likelihood of deal closure.
  • Einstein Commerce Insights. The latest addition to the Einstein toolkit, shopping cart analysis dashboard that allows retail businesses to better understand the customer shopping behavior. With predictive analytics solutions, merchants can create more attractive special offers and see hidden insights into why particular products are more popular than others. The system is applicable to not only digital commerce. Physical stores can also greatly benefit from commerce data and boost their sales.

What it all Mean?

Salesforce Einstein is still a work in progress and it hasn’t reached its full potential as an AI platform. However, even with this fact in mind, it is still the most advanced artificial intelligence system for CRM. What makes Einstein different from its competition is that it comes data-ready, modeling-ready and production-ready. There is no need to go through a complex learning process, which takes months, you simply turn it on. Any time spent on machine learning goes into further advance the capabilities of Salesforce Einstein, giving you a head start, while competition is still figuring the AI platform out. Salesforce Einstein pricing will vary, depending on the particular CRM platform that you utilize and on a variety of other factors.

If your business is interested in purchasing and implementing Salesforce Einstein Platform to better fit your business model and complement all of your strengths then contact us at OMI. Our team has an in-depth expertise in the fields of machine learning and CRM customization. With our high-end AI solutions, your business ideas and Salesforce Einstein no task is too difficult or complicated.