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366 Degrees Sales Outreach Platform Guide

In the realm of small business marketing and sales outreach automation, when it came to engaging your customers and centralizing all of your activities, for a very long time there was a vacuum. Having a powerful marketing automation platform that could be utilized for virtually every marketing operation, was always a prerogative of enterprise-type companies.

For a couple of reasons, firstly, only large companies had resources and necessary to pay off company-wide subscriptions. Secondly, small businesses could not leverage the full power of automation software due to the lack of sufficient data, while large businesses had already collected vast databases. A third reason, in the past you needed an entire team of specialists, from data analysts to marketing specialists. And finally, in order to fully use such software you also needed distributed systems for landing pages, video integrations, and social media management.

However, as the technology became more accessible and data analytics tools more powerful, there was a wave of SaaS solutions for SMB-type companies. In fact, today, almost 90% of US small businesses either already utilize marketing Software-as-a-Service technology or consider investing in. So, with a great demand for affordable and all-comprehensive marketing platforms in the market, we at OMI have developed an all-in-one solution, built for SMB experience – 366 Degrees.

We have highlighted our software previous in a couple of articles on the topic of digital marketing. But today we are dedicating full guide on how you can use 366 Degrees in your business and how you can leverage its full potential to achieve truly stellar results.

366 Degrees Core Features of the Relationship Marketing and Sales Outreach Platform

366 Degrees is a lead & customer engagement SaaS platform, built to streamline and simplify the entire digital marketing process. In a very broad view, the software has a couple of core features, upon which the rest of its functionality is built:

  • Analytics with custom and pre-built dashboards.
  • Intuitive email, LP, social builder, with some ready-to-use templates and modules.
  • Audience targeting, which is performed through integration with your CRM.
  • Campaign creator, which provides you with many options such as setting up goals, conditional logic, etc.
  • Automation features.

The list above illustrates only the very essential functions of the marketing and sales enablement platform. Now we’ll take a more detailed look at what 366 Degrees can do for your business.

Customer Content Delivery by 366 Degrees

While most marketing platforms try to drive a prospect towards your content, whether it’s a website or a video, 366 Degrees allows you to deliver personalized content right to your leads and contacts. The software does so by perfectly aligning your marketing and sales departments through native integration with leading CRM solutions.

You can connect your Salesforce, Nimble or Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform in order to synchronize leads, prospects, and contacts data. This integration allows your marketing team to fully understand your customer’s needs and tailor content to various categories.

With 366 Degrees you can easily create different profiles types and arrange contacts in a meaningful manner. Obviously, you cannot create a fully unique content for every single contact. However, you can send out type-specific messages and landing pages with minor personalization tweaks such as names, dates, companies, etc.

Email & social campaign automation

366 Degrees provides SMB-type companies with powerful automation features for lead acquisition and nurturing campaigns. Creating an automated (or drip) campaign is quite straightforward. When creating a campaign you can predefine conditions, such as any interaction with content, that allow you to follow-up more effectively with virtually zero effort on your side, after launch.

We create a simple drag & drop interface, which allow you to branch out campaigns, depending on lead’s activities. By the end, you can have an entire workflow that includes the whole user’s journey.

366 Degrees can be easily integrated with your email and social media marketing in order to achieve true Omni-Channel presence. You can create email templates, schedule social posts and even entire landing pages.

One of the most efficient things you can achieve with 366 Degree is cross-channel marketing. While most platforms can give you an access to a simple solution such as email management, our software can unify all activities. Start with an email that leads to a viral contest across social media, which then directs your customers to a specific landing page with a dedicated video. In order to maximize the effect of your marketing activities, you can use our Vidyard integration and engage your prospects with a truly stellar campaign.

Advanced Features with 366 Degrees API

366 Degrees has also some expert features that can be used if you are familiar with software development and coding. We provide an API in order to connect the software with a third-party solution.

The 366 Degrees API allows you to create, update, share contact/lead and engagement activities from 366 Degrees or receive third-party data from sources like external landing pages, CRM’s or other sales and marketing platforms.

So, if your business does not utilize Salesforce or Nimble CRM systems, you can still access the full functionality of 366 Degrees and even boost it further by integrating it with your existing IT assets and creating a one-of-a-kind infrastructure that will work for your company.

However, there are things that you need to be quite familiar with when trying to connect an external data collection form. It is recommended that you have already created a landing page in 366 Degrees and that page must be launched as a stand-alone campaign or a Drip campaign. When it will be recorded in the system as part of your campaign you can use API and edit the source code. Form Submits will be created as a lead in 366 Degrees and automatically pushed to create new leads in connected CRM’s including Salesforce and Nimble.

Customer Engagement Analysis

With 366 Degrees integrations, you can sync all of your data across multiple channels and customer relationship management platforms. On top of that, with advanced features you can integrate calendars and collaboration tools to streamline processes and optimize workflows, achieving the best possible results.

But, if you want to maximize the customer lifetime value, then you would absolutely need analytics systems in order to assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Luckily, we’ve got you covered here as well. You can use the in-built reporting system, which takes real-time data from CRM and sales enablement platform to perform an in-depth customer engagement analysis.

Alternatively, you can pull the multi-channel data from 366 Degrees and with the help of API, analyze chosen KPIs with a third-party solution.

366 Degrees Pricing & Reviews

Pricing plans

Our marketing & sales enablement platform comes in several packages. We offer our partners a choice between 4 tiers:

  • Soho. Which comes free for a complete month, and then it costs $49. You can get up to 2,500 contacts, you get all the core features plus marketing automation as well as email and social marketing.
  • Ignite. A mid-tier, with free training by a team of professionals, who built 366 Degrees on top of free functionality, and up to 10,000 contacts, for $99/month.
  • Grow. This is a high-end plan for companies who have to facilitate an accelerated growth. This plan comes with 50,000 contacts as well as free integration with your CRM system and IT infrastructure. Grow comes with $295 monthly fee.
  • And finally, for clients who wish to experience absolute best that the marketing automation market can offer we have Expand plan. It comes at a cost of $595 per month and covers everything in previous plans, plus 100,000.

The best part of all, here at 366 Degrees we are not charging you per user fees ever. Each and every plan listed above has also an unlimited amount of users. All you do is just add your marketing team, sales department, and agency partner and you are good to go!


Our software has been on the market for many years already and it has become available on appexchange in 2017. Since then many small businesses have tried our platform and managed to grow their operation with it. Currently, 366 Degrees has 4.8/5 stars on g2crowd and 5 stars on appexchange.

But instead of us praising our software, we let our customers speak:

“Intuitive. Powerful. Not too little and not too much.”

“Power of Integration and Automation Saves Time”

“Great Social Marketing/Media Platform”

“366 Degrees Truly Delivers”

Reviews are taken from g2crowd.

With 366 Degrees, your company can too leverage CRM, marketing automation, sales outreach and video platforms to personalize the client’s journey with real-time connectivity and data exchange. Grow your business and create awesome customer experience with 366 Degrees.

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