Top 5 Sales Enablement Platforms to Empower Your Sales Teams


If you want to make sure your sales teams are successful in their job, adopting the top sales enablement solutions is a must. Any enterprise looking for growth needs to evaluate their employees’ performance, do research on the tools offered by the market, and pick the one that fully covers their business needs.


In this article, we will cover 15 top sales enablement platforms and their features to let you decide whether one of them can help your sales reps to advance. 


What Is a Sales Enablement Platform?

A sales enablement platform is a combination of marketing tools and data needed to engage more leads and convert them into sales. In other words, such platforms provide your sales reps with everything they need to organize their processes more efficiently and focus more on reaching and converting target clients. 


Depending on the chosen tool’s functionality, your teams can monitor interactions among themselves and potential buyers, keep track of their performance and behavior, optimize customer-facing content and more. Besides that, such software can help automate a wide range of operations that don’t require human interaction, thus reducing the number of errors and saving time that can be spent on more important tasks.


Why Are These Tools Important?

Generally, sales enablement platform features include:

  • Performance tracking allows analyzing your team’s KPIs, as well as customers’ engagement, to adjust sales activities in accordance with the client’s requirements and needs.
  • Marketing and sales tools allow sales reps to identify the latest market trends and implement various techniques to convert more leads into sales in less time.
  • Content management provides users with access to promotional materials and content that can be used for engaging customers.
  • Customer management functionality will make sure your clients get only relevant content they need that can encourage them to proceed to purchase your products/services. 
  • Integration with other tools and devices will help to bring all the components of your IT infrastructure together and streamline workflows. 
  • Customization allows modifying interfaces and tools in line with your business goals to make the platform easy to use even by non-technical specialists.


A properly implemented and customized sale enablement platform leverages the best of the above-mentioned tools and helps your company to:

  • Increase the sales team’s productivity and efficiency;
  • Enable smart content and customer management;
  • Boost sales rates and KPIs;
  • Enable effective communication between the sales team and target audience;
  • Receive valuable insights and analytics.


The list of benefits expands depending on how effectively you employ your sales enablement solutions features and how well they match up with your business goals. 

How We Chose the Best Sales Enablement Platforms

In the sales enablement tool category, the G2 directory lists a staggering 126 platforms, which means that the niche is rather saturated. That’s why it was important for us to handpick the best 15 – and we needed a list of criteria. 


Ultimately, our team has settled on the following criteria when analyzing the top sales enablement platforms and choosing the best ones: 


  • Workflow Automation: A platform should provide robust workflow automation capabilities. This includes automating routine tasks, such as data entry, lead scoring, and follow-ups. 
  • User-Friendliness: We consider the platform’s user interface and overall user experience. A user-friendly platform ensures that a sales team can quickly adopt and leverage its features without extensive training.
  • Integration Capabilities: We check the platform’s compatibility with other existing tools and systems. Seamless integration with applications like Salesforce or HubSpot is crucial for streamlined workflows.
  • Customization and Scalability: A platform should allow customization to fit your specific business processes. Scalability is also essential to accommodate your business growth and evolving sales strategies.
  • Analytics and Reporting: We assess the platform’s analytics and reporting capabilities. It should provide insights into content performance, sales activities, and team productivity. 
  • Mobile Accessibility: We see if the platform offers a mobile app or responsive design, allowing a sales team to access key features on the go.
  • Collaboration Features: Collaboration tools such as real-time messaging, team workspaces, and collaborative content creation are very appreciated. Effective communication and collaboration are key components of successful sales enablement.
  • Reviews and Testimonials: We’ve read reviews and testimonials from other businesses using the platform. This is how we gain insights into how well the platform aligns with real-world scenarios.

Best 15 Sales Enablement Platforms According to OMI Experts

As promised, we will provide you with an overview of the top 15 sales enablement solutions that can help your sales teams both to nurture existing client relationships and engage more potential customers. Please note that every business follows its own requirements and not all of the tools listed below can be beneficial specifically for your enterprise.


To learn more about the digital solutions that can enable your sales growth, check out our service page or contact OMI specialists. We will be glad to assist you with any questions.


Salesforce is a powerhouse in the CRM space, known for its unparalleled customization capabilities. The platform not only offers robust customer relationship management features but also extends into artificial intelligence with Einstein Analytics, empowering organizations with predictive insights. With modules like Community Cloud and Chatter, Salesforce fosters collaboration within teams and with external stakeholders. Its extensive AppExchange marketplace allows users to enhance their CRM with a vast array of integrations.

Top Features:

  • Einstein Analytics (AI-driven insights for predictive analytics)
  • Community Cloud
  • Chatter (real-time collaboration for sales teams within the platform)
  • Service Cloud
  • Heroku (application development platform for extending functionality)


High Velocity Sales

This Salesforce solution combines a great variety of tools that allows sales teams to efficiently organize their working processes and engage more leads. Thanks to AI-powered features, the platform analyzes key customer’s needs and provides valuable insights into their behavior. Besides that, in-built calendars, call manager, and emails allow reaching out to customers directly in the application. Check out the complete overview for more information.


Top Features:

  • Sales Cadences
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Automated Task Management
  • Real-time Performance Analytics


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a specialized tool designed for social selling on the world’s largest professional network. Its TeamLink Connections feature stands out by leveraging team connections for warmer introductions, facilitating trust-building in outreach efforts. Real-time Updates keep users informed about lead activities, ensuring timely engagement. InMail Credits provide a unique avenue for direct communication with prospects outside of the user’s network, expanding outreach possibilities. Advanced Search Filters offer precise targeting, enabling sales professionals to identify and connect with their ideal prospects effectively.


Top Features:

  • TeamLink Connections
  • Real-time Updates
  • InMail Credits (DMing prospects outside of your network)
  • Lead Recommendations
  • Advanced Search Filters


366 Degrees

The 366 Degrees platform enables automation across all marketing operations to help companies get better ROI. Its in-built tools allow creating impactful marketing campaigns to engage more leads and convert them faster than before. The platform also provides integration with CRM, video, and email systems to let sales teams take maximum advantage of their connections with clients. 


Top Features:

  • Multi-Channel Marketing Automation
  • Engagement Scoring
  • Content Personalization
  • Relationship Management
  • LinkedIn Integration


Rocket Notes

With the help of this system, sales reps can create and deliver personalized gifts and cards to their new and existing clients. The in-built catalog includes a broad range of visuals that can be customized in accordance with your customers’ interests and preferences. Rocket Notes helps to show your clients that you care about them and appreciate their support, thus improving sales cadence and lead conversion rates.

Top Features:

  • Note-Taking Integration
  • Conversation Summaries
  • Customizable Templates
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Collaborative Workspaces


Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid provides customer-facing teams with everything they need to close more deals. The solution implements artificial intelligence to deliver valuable insights into revenues and enables efficient data management. Additionally, Revenue Grid sets up integration with CRM systems to maximize return on engagements with target clients. 

Top Features:

  • Email Engagement Tracking
  • Calendar Synchronization
  • Deal Scorecard
  • Guided Selling
  • Sales Performance Analytics



Besides traditional features provided by CRM software, Nimble also focuses on social interactions with clients. It helps to unify your customers’ contact information from various platforms within a single system to enable its efficient management. Additionally, the platform’s features allow tracking team activities, managings sales and other processes involved in customer relationship management to help your teams reach more clients and increase sales.  

Top Features:

  • Unified Contact Management
  • Social Listening and Engagement
  • Contact Enrichment
  • Pipeline Management.
  • Group Email Tracking



HubSpot stands out for its holistic approach, combining CRM, marketing, and sales automation in a user-friendly platform. What makes HubSpot unique is its focus on inbound marketing, providing tools for content creation, lead nurturing, and social media management. The Sales Hub within HubSpot streamlines sales processes with features like lead scoring and email tracking. Additionally, HubSpot’s Marketing Hub offers comprehensive solutions for creating and managing content, making it an all-encompassing platform for businesses looking to integrate their marketing and sales efforts seamlessly.

Top Features:

  • Lead Scoring
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Blog and Content Management
  • Sales Hub
  • Marketing Hub


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM distinguishes itself with an emphasis on simplicity and versatility. The platform stands out for its Blueprint feature, allowing businesses to design and automate sales processes visually. Zia AI, another unique aspect, provides intelligent insights and predictions to aid decision-making. With SalesSignals, users receive real-time notifications, ensuring timely follow-ups. Zoho CRM’s commitment to mobility is evident in its customizable mobile app, offering a tailored experience for users on the go.

Top Features:

  • Blueprint: (designing sales processes with a visual blueprint)
  • Zia AI (AI-powered assistant for intelligent insights)
  • SalesSignals (real-time notifications for timely follow-ups)
  • Workflow Automation
  • Mobile App Customization



Outreach is a sales engagement platform that excels in optimizing outbound communication. Its standout feature is the Power Dialer, which significantly boosts call efficiency by integrating seamlessly with sales activities. Sales Playbooks empower teams with prescriptive strategies and messaging, ensuring consistency and effectiveness across outreach efforts. The platform’s Analytics Snippets provide granular insights into email engagement, enabling sales teams to refine their communication strategies dynamically. Outreach’s focus on sales intelligence ensures that data-driven insights guide every aspect of the outreach process.

Top Features:

  • Power Dialer
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Analytics Snippets
  • Routine Task Automation
  • Sales Intelligence



Vidyard brings a unique dimension to sales enablement by harnessing the power of personalized video content. Its Interactive Video Elements allow users to embed calls-to-action within videos, transforming passive viewers into engaged participants. Vidyard’s Video Analytics provides in-depth insights into viewer behavior, helping sales teams understand content effectiveness. The platform extends its uniqueness with Personalized Video Hubs, enabling the creation of customized hubs for different audiences, and fostering a tailored and engaging video experience.

Top Features:

  • Interactive Video Elements
  • Video Analytics
  • Personalized Video Hubs
  • Integration with CRM
  • Video Messaging



Highspot focuses on elevating sales enablement through content management, optimization, and analytics. What sets Highspot apart is its Content Genomics feature, providing deep insights into how content is used and resonates with prospects. SmartPage Technology dynamically assembles personalized content for each prospect, ensuring relevance and impact. Highspot’s Training and Coaching capabilities integrate seamlessly, enhancing the skills of sales reps. The platform’s commitment to analytics and reporting ensures that content engagement is not just monitored but also optimized for maximum impact.

Top Features:

  • Content Genomics
  • SmartPage Technology (dynamic assembly of personalized content for each prospect)
  • Training and Coaching
  • Integration with CRM
  • Analytics and Reporting



Mindtickle specializes in sales readiness, offering a platform that uniquely combines training, coaching, and alignment for sales teams. Its Role-Play and Assessments feature allows users to simulate sales scenarios, providing hands-on practice for sales reps. The Coaching Hub centralizes coaching efforts, ensuring targeted and continuous improvement. Mindtickle’s Analytics and Insights feature tracks and measures the effectiveness of training, providing actionable data for ongoing refinement. The platform’s Content Authoring capabilities enable the creation and delivery of engaging training content tailored to specific sales needs.

Top Features:

  • Role-Play and Assessments
  • Coaching Hub
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Integration with CRM
  • Content Authoring



Seismic stands out for its focus on personalized content delivery, empowering organizations to create, manage, and distribute content effectively. The Document Automation feature streamlines content creation with automated assembly, ensuring efficiency and accuracy. Content Personalization dynamically customizes content for each prospect, increasing relevance and engagement. Seismic’s Sales Playbooks guide sales reps with effective selling strategies, aligning sales efforts with organizational goals. The platform’s commitment to Advanced Analytics ensures that content performance is not only measured but optimized for impact.

Top Features:

  • Document Automation
  • Content Personalization
  • Sales Playbooks
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Integration with CRM



Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that distinguishes itself through its emphasis on multi-channel communication and collaboration. Its Cadence Management feature allows users to plan and manage multi-channel communication cadences, ensuring a consistent and personalized outreach strategy. The Sales Dialer stands out by improving calling efficiency with a built-in dialer, streamlining the calling process. Salesloft’s Analytics and Reporting capabilities provide insights into performance metrics, enabling teams to optimize their outreach strategies dynamically. The platform’s focus on Personalized Email Outreach allows users to craft and automate personalized email sequences, enhancing the effectiveness of email communication.


Top Features:

  • Cadence Management
  • Sales Dialer
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Integration with CRM
  • Personalized Email Outreach


Selecting the right sales enablement platform is crucial for enhancing your sales teams’ performance and driving business growth. The featured top sales enablement platforms such as HubSpot, Nimble, Zoho and others have been carefully evaluated based on criteria such as workflow automation, user-friendliness, integration capabilities, customization, analytics, mobile accessibility, collaboration features, and real-world reviews.


And they all offer diverse solutions to meet your needs – whether it’s Salesforce with its powerful CRM and AI-driven insights, LinkedIn Sales Navigator for social selling, or platforms like Highspot and Seismic focusing on content management and personalization, each option brings unique features to empower your sales teams. 


If you are looking for a reliable partner to create efficient sales enablement content for your company or to advise on the digital solutions that will benefit your business, get in touch with OMI dedicated teams today!

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